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Big Art Mob

The Big Art Mob is a website founded in 2006 and re-launched in 2012 that provides a platform and toolset for documenting and mapping public art. It is dedicated to showcasing and celebrating all forms of public art including ephemeral works such as street art, performance art and graffiti. The crucial aim of the site is to create the first canonical record of all the public art in the world. The site also offers a new working definition of public art. Initially created to support the Channel 4 documentary series The Big Art Project, the site was spun off as a standalone site owned and administered by Art Public.

The site was conceived and created by Adam Gee and Alfie Dennen.[edit]

At the homepage of the Big Art Mob website are images, videos, and descriptive comments documenting public art in all its forms, and other news, as well as navigational tools for searching the site's voluminous archive (approximately 13,000 artworks mapped as of 04.09[clarification needed] 2012).

The website's archive spans back to June 2006. The archive can be searched by keyword, tag, artist name and location. The website has a twinned approach to achieving its aims: partnerships/relationships with institutions and a crowdsourcing approach. [1][2] [3] [4]


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