Big Bay de Noc

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In the foreground is Snail Shell Harbor and in the background is Sand Bay, both of which are bays of Big Bay de Noc.

Big Bay de Noc is a bay in the Upper Peninsula of the U.S. state of Michigan. The bay, which opens into Lake Michigan's Green Bay, is enclosed by Delta County. The small Delta County settlements of Garden and Nahma are harbors on the shore of the bay.[1]

As with the more thickly-settled Little Bay de Noc, the bay's name comes from the Noquet (or Noc) Native American people (thought to have been related to the Menominee of the Algonquian language group), who once lived along the shores.

The bay is historically important for its 19th-century use as a center of the Lake Michigan iron smelting industry. A former smelting complex has been preserved as Fayette State Park. The state park's Snail Shell Harbor, off Big Bay de Noc, offers a harbor of refuge for small boats and yachts.

A lighthouse, the Peninsula Point Light, marks the entrance of the bay.[1]


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