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Big H
Birth name Adrian Harris[1]
Origin North London, England
Occupation(s) Rapper
Years active 1996—present
Labels Inside Music
Associated acts

Adrian Harris,[1] better known by his stage names Big H and Big Hooligan, is an English grime hip-hop artist from London. He has a distinctive flow.


Known for his distinctive style, H spent swathes of his life creating new music and "perfecting the flow".[2] In 2009, H released Street Crime UK.[3]

He was a member of Meridian Crew. Following a hiatus, Big H returned in 2012 to release "Mark of the Beast"[4] and begin to ease himself back on to underground radio stations.

In mid-2013, Big H teamed up with the recently formed Inside Music, signing an album and management deal that would see the highly anticipated album finally released.[5] Since then, Big H has found himself on a higher platform, appearing on Charlie Sloth's 1Xtra show,[6] releasing Fire And Smoke[7] and achieving commercial success on Meridian Dan's German Whip.[8]


Big H has clashed with many other grime MCs and crews, notably Trim, Roll Deep, Popek, Manga, P Money, Wiley and Scratchy.[9] In 2014, Big H participated in a controversial clash with P Money[10] on Lord Of The Mics 6.[11][12]


  • Street Crime UK (2009)
  • Fire and Smoke (2013)
  • The Oracle (2017)


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