Bijan Jenab

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Bijan Jenab
بیژن جناب
Bijan Jenab.jpg
Bijan Jenab
Born (1952-01-02) January 2, 1952 (age 65)
Tehran, Iran
Nationality Iranian

Faculty of Fine Arts in University of Tehran, 1977.

Iowa State University, 1982.
Known for Graphic Design

Bijan Jenab (Persian: بیژن جناب‎‎, born January 2, 1952 in Tehran, Iran) is an Iranian graphic designer and professor at the School of Fine Arts at Tehran University, Al Zahra University and at Islamic Free University Radio/Television. He is one of the founding members of Iranian Graphic Design Society and currently serves as a jury member.[1][2]


Bijan is a graduate of Tehran University and holds a master's degree from Iowa State University on a full scholarship from Alavi Foundation.[1]

Jenab Design studio[edit]

The 'Bijan Jenab Design Studio', specialized in the conception, creation, and production of graphic design, is a pioneer in the field. Its objective is always the same: offering the opportunity to present a favorable image of any corporation, institution, organization or individual to intended audiences.The business world has never been as competitive as today, which means employing sophisticated design and creativity is the only way to help an organization live up to its potentials. Here at 'Bijan Jenab Design Studio' fine art is deploying to leverage the client's products and services to a more prestigious level. The studio produces artworks conformed to the specifications under the supervision of Bijan Jenab, a well-known artist with a sensitive and creative mastery of graphic art. Bijan Jenab has gathered a notable and acknowledged team in the studio under one main attitude: meeting the client's requirements and fortune. To create an artwork with the most effective impact for audiences, expert staff of studio utilizes the latest technology. and techniques. A perfect management completes this set and provides a piece of art in the highest standards in the world class for the clients. A full range design service – produced through various means and media – is offered to make graphics, tailored to client's interests. Applying special consideration in selection of art for corporations, organizations, private or execution offices, here is provided high quality performance conveying a desired message to the gathered audiences.

Awards and notable work[edit]

Jenab was awarded the Golden Plate from the Tehran International Poster Biennial and is the winner of Design and Production Management in the International Design and Production Exhibition in Tehran in 2000.[3] He has received letters of appreciation from UNICEF for poster design in 1991; for the logo design of the Iranian Society of Gynecologic Oncology in 2004; and from Iowa State University for the best senior project on the Tehran Film Festival in 1980.[3] He has been a regular art contributor at Iran Film Festival with his art.[4] Jenab has been the book designer for some of the famous and leading book publications from Iran including Tehran Past & Present,[5] Aydin Aghdashloo,[6] Contemporary Pottery of Iran,[7] The First Tehran International Contemporary Drawing Exhibition,[8] and From California To Abyaneh.[9]


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Group Exhibition[edit]

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