Alzahra University

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Alzahra University
دانشگاه الزهراء
دانشگاه الزهراء.jpg
Motto Learned Woman, Progressive Society
Type Public
Established 1964; 54 years ago (1964)
Chancellor Mahnaz Molanazari
Location Tehran, Tehran, Iran
Campus Urban

Alzahra University (in Persian: دانشگاه الزهرا) is one of the most prestigious universities in Iran and a female-only state-run university in Vanak, Tehran, Tehran Province, Iran. Alzahra University is the only comprehensive women’s university in Iran and the Middle East. Acceptance to the university is competitive and entrance to undergraduate and graduate programs requires scoring among the top 1% of students in the Nationwide University Entrance Exams, known as "کنکور سراسری".

History and profile[edit]

The university, founded by Queen Farah Pahlavi in 1964, began as a private institution under the title of the Higher Educational Institute For Girls (In Persian: مدرسه عالی دختران) with 90 students. After the Iranian revolution, the university attained public status, and was renamed Mahboubeh Mottahedin after an Iranian Revolutionary who was killed prior to the 1979 revolution. Subsequently, in 1983 the university was rename Alzahra University. The university offers 51 undergraduate, 83 graduate, and 31 post-graduate programs to 10,000 students. The university has ten faculties and a research center for women’s studies, as well as a branch in the city of Urmia (the capital of West Azerbaijan province) and two self-supporting campuses.

The faculties of Alzahra University are Art, Biological Sciences, Education and Psychology, Engineering and Technology, Literature and Languages, Mathematical Sciences, Physical Education, Physics and Chemistry, Social and Economic Sciences, and Theology.

The university initiated its graduate studies program in 1369/1990, under the supervision of Vice Chancellery for Academic Affairs, by establishing an Educational Psychology master's degree program and admitting 11 students. It then established five fields and admission of 36 students in 1372/1993. In 1373/1994 the Graduate Studies Affairs was established and commenced its mission with 158 students in eight master's degree fields. The first PhD examination was administered in the major of Islamic History in the same year.

The university offers doctoral programs in History (Islamic History and History of Islamic Iran), Psychology, Economics, Research in Art, Chemistry, Physics, and Applied Mathematics.

Faculty members[edit]

The academic faculty of the university is a community of some 350 tenured scholars teaching and conducting research. The professors work in collaboration with visiting colleagues from other Iranian universities.

Collaborations with other universities[edit]

Alzahra University is a member of the International Association of Universities (IAU) and the Federation of Universities of the Islamic World (FUIW), and has established close ties and signed more than 45 Memoranda of Understanding (MoUs) for academic-research collaborations with accredited universities and research centers worldwide from a variety of countries, such as Pakistan, Iraq, Germany, Uganda, France, Russia, India, Kyrgyzstan, China, the Philippines, Indonesia, Syria, Libya, Belarus, among others.


Alzahra University has central and faculty libraries with 77,000 hard copies of books (33,000 of which are in English), and 930 Persian and English academic journals. Among other facilities offered at Alzahra University are electronic libraries, professional laboratories, language labs, computer labs, an art gallery, an educational center, business incubators, pool and sports facilities, food centers and a traditional Iranian restaurant, whose building dates back to over 120 years. A post office, bank, travel agency office, cellphone services office, grocery store, stationery shop/bookstore and copy place are on campus [1]

Department and research centers[edit]

  • Department of physical education and sport sciences
  • Department of literature, language and history
  • Department of chemistry and physics
  • Department of biological sciences
  • Department of mathematics
  • Department of social sciences and economics
  • Department of engineering
  • Department of psychology
  • Department of theology
  • Department of art
  • Department of psychology
  • Women research center


  • Alborz campus
  • International campus
  • Urmia branch

Research and publications[edit]

Eighteen academic journals are published by the university, such as Journal of Applied Biology, Journal of Brand Management, Women's Sociological and Psychological Studies, Women and Family Studies, Applied Physics, Historical Perspective & Historiography, History of Islam and Iran, Language Research, and many more. 6,000 theses and dissertations reside in the Central Library of the university.

International students[edit]

The university offers its undergraduate, graduate and postgraduate programs to international students. Around 50 international students study at Alzahra University, from Afghanistan, Pakistan, Iraq, Lebanon, Nigeria, Turkey, Syria, Tajikistan, and Tanzania. Some of the facilities for international students are:

  • Offering Persian language courses at the university Persian Language Center
  • Offering some courses in English upon popular demand
  • Insurance
  • On-campus dormitory
  • Access to all amenities of the university and dormitory, equaling the access of Iranian students. These include, among others:
  • Swimming pool
  • Sports complex
  • Computer labs and free Wi-Fi access
  • Student clubs
  • General and professional libraries
  • Counseling services
  • Participation and membership in sport competitions, socio-cultural gatherings, and productive, entertaining, and cultivating student events


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