Bile canaliculus

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Bile canaliculus
Bile capillaries of rabbit (shown by Golgi's method with 450 x magnification)
Latin Canaliculi biliferi
MeSH Bile+canaliculi
Anatomical terminology

Bile canaliculus (plural:bile canaliculi; also called bile capillaries) is a thin tube that collects bile secreted by hepatocytes. The bile canaliculi merge and form bile ductules, which eventually become common hepatic duct.

Hepatocytes are polyhedral in shape, therefore having no set shape or design. They have surfaces facing the sinusoids, (called sinusoidal faces) and surfaces which contact other hepatocytes, (called lateral faces). Bile canaliculi are formed by grooves on some of the lateral faces of these hepatocytes.

Microvilli are present in the canaliculi but are sparse.

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