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Bill & Ted's Excellent Cereal was a cereal based on the Bill & Ted movies and cartoon of the late 1980s and early 1990s.[1][2] It was promoted with the branding slogan "A Most Awesome Breakfast Adventure".[3] The magazine Mental floss ranked it first in their list of the 10 best marketing-inspired breakfast cereals.[4]

The cereal was made by Ralston Purina, which at the time sold food products for both humans and animals. The cereal was cinnamon-flavored and had mini music-themed marshmallows, although they resembled pieces of Kibbles 'n Bits.

While the cereal was sold, which was for only a short period, it offered many giveaways and promotions. One of the more prominent ones was "Hysterical Postcards," which were mini-postcards involving Bill & Ted and their trips through time.[5] Another notable promotion was a free audio-cassette holder, shaped in the image of the Phone Booth, and with a sticker depicting the cartoon versions of Bill and Ted on the front.[5]

The cereal was featured in a comedy bit on The Arsenio Hall Show.[4] When Alex Winter appeared on the show, Arsenio Hall asked Winter about the cereal. Hall then presented Winter with a box of the cereal, and challenged an audience member to eat a bowl, which he did.[6]


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In 1990 the commercial art class at JB Johnson Career Development Center, was given an assignment to create a consumable product and make it marketable. Ginger Isringhausen chose to do a cereal box based on the movie Bill and Ted's Excellent Adventure. Her box had featured the lightly sweetened cheerio shaped cereal with music note marshmallows. She also had Bill, Ted and Rufus on the box with the phone booth. The cereal offered a phone booth give away. After Ginger's graduation from high school she was babysitting for her neighbor girl when they saw the commercial for the cereal. She went and purchased the cereal for herself and the box, with many differences was the exact same concept right down to the phone booth give away. She had even purchased the box that had the mini phone booth cassette holder which had the sticker of Bill and Ted the front showing them inside the phone booth. Ginger was excited that she had designed something that was indeed marketable. However she was not happy that she did not get the credit that she should have from being the cereals concept and marketing designer. There was no way she could prove that she did create it. Later she had learned that her teacher at JB Johnson had friends that worked for Ralston and that he had probably showed her work to his friend thinking it was a good idea. Only to have his friend take the idea and improve on the concept and market it.