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William (Billy) Eisenberg (born September 5, 1937)[1] is an American bridge and backgammon professional. In bridge, Eisenberg has won five Bermuda Bowl world team titles and he won the backgammon world title in 1975. Eisenberg is World Bridge Federation (WBF) and American Contract Bridge League (ACBL) Grand Life Master. He lived in Boca Raton, Florida, as of 1994 and 1998.[2][3]

Eisenberg was from New York City in 1968, when the Dallas businessman Ira Corn hired him as an original member of the first full-time professional bridge team, the Dallas Aces. He left the team and moved from Texas to California in 1971.[3]

William (Billy) Eisenberg, American bridge and backgammon professional.

Bridge accomplishments[edit]





  • Kent Goulding, Backgammon with the Champions (Kensington, MD: KG Publications), volume 1, 1981 [1]; volume 2, 1982 [2]

Each volume covers Eisenberg in at least one match. "Series of annotated matches between good players. ... Commentary by Goulding, often in collaboration with Kit Woolsey." In particular, volume 1, number 1 was originally published as a booklet: "Paul Magriel vs. Billy Eisenberg: American Open Backgammon Championship, Las Vegas, Nevada, November 1979. Round 4, 15-point match (iv+42 pages)." [3]


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