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The Birkenfeld Country Store

Birkenfeld is an unincorporated community in Columbia County, Oregon, United States, in the Nehalem Valley on Oregon Route 202 between Jewell and Mist.[1]

German immigrant Anton Birkenfeld settled in the Nehalem Valley in 1886 and founded Birkenfeld in about 1910.[2] Birkenfeld's post office was founded in 1916,[2] bringing much-needed mail service on a more local basis. As of 2010, the Birkenfeld post office has been closed permanently.[3] Although mail can still be addressed directly to the defunct post office, the community has a Clatskanie ZIP code, 97016 and all mail directed toward Birkenfeld is automatically redirected there.[3]

As of the 1990s the community had a store, a café, a tavern, a garage, and a church.[4][5]


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