Bishop's Mitre (Labrador)

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Bishop's Mitre
Bishop's mitre Labrador.jpg
Bishop's Mitre
Highest point
Elevation 1,113 m (3,652 ft)
Coordinates 57°53′42″N 61°59′07″W / 57.8951°N 61.9852°W / 57.8951; -61.9852Coordinates: 57°53′42″N 61°59′07″W / 57.8951°N 61.9852°W / 57.8951; -61.9852
Bishop's Mitre is located in Newfoundland and Labrador
Bishop's Mitre
Bishop's Mitre
Parent range Kaumajet Mountains
Topo map NTS 014/F13
Easiest route class 3 scramble

Bishop's Mitre is a mountain located 3 km (9,843 ft) east of Brave Mountain on the northern coast of Labrador in the Kaumajet Mountains. Noteworthy for the river carved down its middle, its appearance is like a steep tower, which lies on the north point of Grimmington Island, between Seal Bight and Cod Bag Harbour.[1]