Lewis Hills

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Lewis Hills
Lewis Hills.jpg
Fox Island River Valley in Lewis Hills
Highest point
Peak The Cabox
Elevation 814 m (2,671 ft)
Coordinates 48°49′59″N 58°29′03″W / 48.83306°N 58.48417°W / 48.83306; -58.48417
Lewis Hills is located in Newfoundland
Lewis Hills
Country Canada
Province Newfoundland and Labrador
Range coordinates 48°47.9′N 58°30.4′W / 48.7983°N 58.5067°W / 48.7983; -58.5067Coordinates: 48°47.9′N 58°30.4′W / 48.7983°N 58.5067°W / 48.7983; -58.5067
Parent range Appalachian Mountains

The Lewis Hills is a section of the Long Range Mountains located on the west coast of Newfoundland, along the Gulf of St. Lawrence.

An ophiolite and Peridotite complex, the Lewis Hills is the southernmost of four such complexes [1] located within the Humber Arm Allochthon, a world-renowned geological area. It is located in an area stretching between the town of Stephenville in the south and the city of Corner Brook in the north.

The Lewis Hills is an excellent backcountry wilderness hiking destination. The most accessible day-hiking route to the Lewis Hills is by the International Appalachian Trail, with the southern trail head located almost at the end of Cold Brook Road, and the northern trail head at the end of Logger School Road

At 814 m (2,671 ft) above sea level, the highest elevation on Newfoundland is The Cabox located in the Lewis Hills at 48°49′59″N 58°29′03″W / 48.83306°N 58.48417°W / 48.83306; -58.48417.


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