Diocese of Hamar

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Diocese of Hamar
Hamar bispedømme
Hamar domkirke.jpg
Country Norway
Territory Hedmark and Oppland
Deaneries 10
Parishes 164
Members 312,987
Denomination Church of Norway
Established 1153 (Ancient Diocese of Hamar)
1864 (re-established)
Dissolved 1537 (Ancient Diocese of Hamar)
Cathedral Hamar Cathedral
Bishop Solveig Fiske
Website of the Diocese

Hamar is a present Lutheran diocese, named after its episcopal see, the Norwegian city of Hamar.

There are 164 parishes in the diocese.

Lutheran diocese[edit]

In the Church of Norway, the diocese of Hamar covers Oppland and Hedmark. The cathedral city is Hamar, and the bishop is Solveig Fiske.

List of bishops[edit]

The Lutheran diocese of Hamar was established in 1864. In reverse chronolocial order, the following bishops have led the diocese: