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Blanca Suárez
MJK34880 Blanca Suárez (El Bar, Berlinale 2017) crop.jpg
Blanca Suárez at the Berlinale 2017
Born Blanca Martínez Suárez
(1988-10-21) 21 October 1988 (age 28)
Madrid, Community of Madrid, Spain
Alma mater King Juan Carlos University
Occupation Actress
Years active 2007–present
Partner(s) Javier Pereira (2009–11)
Miguel Ángel Silvestre (2011–14)

Blanca Martínez Suárez (born 21 October 1988), professionally known as Blanca Suárez, is a Spanish actress. She is probably best known for her performances in television series The Boarding School (2007–10) and The Boat (2011–13), and Pedro Almodóvar's films The Skin I Live In (2011), which earned her a Goya Award for Best New Actress nomination, and I'm So Excited! (2013).

Acting career[edit]


Suárez made her acting debut in 2007, portraying the role of Julia Medina in the Antena 3 series The Boarding School (Spanish: El internado). She would star the series until its end in 2010, and earn Fotogramas de Plata Award for Best Actress for her performance,[1] as well as a Golden Nymph for Best Actress – Drama nomination at the Monte-Carlo Television Festival in 2009. In the meantime, Suárez appeared in full-length pictures Shiver (Eskalofrío), Cowards (Cowards), Brain Drain (Fuga de cerebros) and The Consul of Sodom (El cónsul de Sodoma), as well as in the short films Universes (Universos) and Hemisphere (Hemisferio).

In 2010, Suárez had her first starring role in Neon Flesh (Carne de neón) opposite Mario Casas. The film was eventually released in 2011. Suárez then starred, along with Antonio Banderas and Elena Anaya, Pedro Almodóvar's The Skin I Live In, for which she earned critical acclaim and a Goya Award for Best New Actress nomination. The same year, she appeared in the music video for Ladrones' song "Estoy prohibido".

Suárez then went on to star another Antena 3 series The Boat (El Barco), for which she won Fotogramas de Plata Award for Best Television Actress[2] and Ondas Award for Best Actress, as well as a nomination for TP de Oro Award for Best Actress. The Boat aired from 17 January 2011 to 21 February 2013.[3] In the meantime, Suárez starred two films that both premiered at the 2012 Málaga Film Festival — the comedy drama Winning Streak (The Pelayos), along with Daniel Brühl, Lluís Homar and Miguel Ángel Silvestre,[4] and Imanol Uribe's post-war drama Orange Syrup (Miel de naranjas), alongside Ángela Molina and Nora Navas.[5]


In 2013, Suárez appeared in I'm So Excited! (Los amantes pasajeros), an ensemble cast comedy film directed by Pedro Almodóvar.[6] At the 2013 Cannes Film Festival, Suárez was awarded with the Trophée Chopard for Female Relevation of the Year for her work in acting; the award was presented to her by Colin Firth.[7]

In 2014, Suárez portrayed Snow White in the eponymous episode of the television series Cuéntame un cuento (English: Tell Me a Story).[8] In 2015, she starred the miniseries Los nuestros (English: The Ours) opposite Hugo Silva;[9] the television series Carlos, rey emperador (English: Charles, King Emperor) as Isabella of Portugal; and films Perdiendo el Norte (English: Off Course), opposite her The Boarding School co-star Yon González, and My Big Night (Mi gran noche) by Álex de la Iglesia, for which she was nominated for Best Supporting Actress at the III Premios Feroz.[10]

Other work[edit]

Suárez appeared in music videos for "Estoy prohibido" by Ladrones in 2010 and "Emocional" by Dani Martín in 2014.[11]

In 2013, she became a spokesperson for the Italian lingerie label Intimissimi.[12]

Since February 2014, Suárez has been writing a blog for the Vogue España.[13]

Personal and media life[edit]

Suárez was named the Most Searched Performer on the Internet by the Fotogramas in 2011 and 2014,[14][15] and was voted out as the best dressed celebrity at the 26th Goya Awards.[16] In November of the same year, she was named the Woman of the Year by the Spanish edition of GQ.[17]

Suárez was in a relationship actor Javier Pereira from 2009 to 2011.[18] She then dated and lived with her Winning Streak co-star Miguel Ángel Silvestre from 2011 to 2014.[19][20] In 2014, Suárez briefly dated Spanish pop rock musician Dani Martín.[21][22][23]


Title Original Title Year Role Notes
The Boarding School El internado 2007 Julia Medina TV series; 2007–10
Shiver Eskalofrío 2008 Ángela
Cowards Cobardes 2008 Editor
Brain Drain Fuga de cerebros 2009 Angel's voice Voice
Universes Universos 2009 Girl Short film
The Consul of Sodom El cónsul de Sodoma 2009 Sandra
Hemisphere Hemisferio 2010 Violeta Short film
Neon Flesh Carne de Neón 2010 Verónica
The Skin I Live In La Piel que Habito 2011 Norma
The Boat El barco 2011 Ainhoa Montero TV series; 2011–13
Winning Streak The Pelayos 2012 Ingrid
Orange Honey Miel de naranjas 2012 Carmen
I'm So Excited Los amantes pasajeros 2013 Ruth
Tell Me a Story Cuéntame un cuento 2014 Snow White TV series; 1 episode
The Ours Los nuestros 2015 Isabel TV miniseries
Off Course Perdiendo el Norte 2015 Carla
Charles, King Emperor Carlos, rey emperador 2015 Isabella of Portugal TV series
My Big Night Mi gran noche 2015 Paloma
My Bakery in Brooklyn 2016 Daniella
Lo que escondían sus ojos 2016 Sonsoles de Icaza TV miniseries
El bar 2017 Elena
Cable Girls Las chicas del cable 2017 Lidia Aguilar (Alba) Netflix original series

Awards and nominations[edit]

Award Year Category Nominated Work Result
Cinema Week in Medina del Campo Awards 2012 Actress of the 21st Century N/A Won[24]
Cosmopolitan Fun Fearless Awards 2012 Best Television Actress The Boat Won[25]
Fotogramas de Plata Awards 2010 Best Television Actress The Boarding School Won
2011 Best Television Actress The Boat Won
Most Searched Performer on the Internet N/A Won
2015 N/A Won
Goya Awards 2011 Best New Actress The Skin I Live In Nominated
Monte-Carlo Television Festival Awards 2009 Golden Nymph for Best Actress – Drama The Boarding School Nominated
Neox Fan Awards 2012 Best Film Actress Winning Streak Won
2013 Best Television Actress The Boat Nominated[26]
Most Attractive Couple
(with Miguel Ángel Silvestre)
N/A Nominated[27]
New Talent of Spanish Cinema Awards 2008 Best New Talent The Boarding School
Brain Drain
2009 Best New Talent The Boarding School
Ondas Awards 2011 Best Actress The Boat Won
Premios Feroz 2015 Best Supporting Actress My Big Night Nominated
Premios Pétalo 2010 Best New Face The Boarding School Won
TP de Oro Awards 2011 Best Actress The Boat Nominated
Trophée Chopard 2013 Female Relevation of the Year N/A Won


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