List of Dollywood attractions

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This is a list of Dollywood attractions.

Adventures in Imagination[edit]

Country Fair[edit]

Attraction Added Manufacturer Description
Amazing Flying Elephants 2005 Elephant-themed kids ride
Busy Bees 2005 Bee-themed kids ride
Dizzy Disk 2005 Zamperla Disk-O ride
Demolition Derby Bumper cars
Lemon Twist 2005 Tea cups ride
Lucky Ducky 2005 Duck-themed kids ride
Piggy Parade 2005 Zamperla Pig-themed kids jumping ride
Scrambler 1993 Eli Bridge Spinning scrambler ride
Shooting Star 2005 Kids drop tower
Sky Rider 2005 Elevating spinning ride
Waltzing Swinger 2005 Elevated spinning ride

Craftsman's Valley[edit]

Attraction Added Manufacturer Description
Blazing Fury 1978 Built in House Indoor roller coaster with dark ride elements
Daredevil Falls 1998 Hopkins Rides Log flume that can seat two across
Tennessee Tornado 1999 Arrow Dynamics Multi-looping roller coaster
  • Calico Falls Schoolhouse
  • Eagle Mountain Sanctuary
  • Robert F. Thomas Chapel

Owen's Farm[edit]

Attraction Added Manufacturer Description
Barnstormer 2011 S&S Screamin Swing ride
  • Pig Pen
  • Granny's Garden
  • Li'L Pilot's Playground

Jukebox Junction[edit]

Attraction Added Manufacturer Description
Rockin' Roadway 1995 Chance Car ride
Lightning Rod 2016 Rocky Mountain Construction Launched Wooden Roller Coaster
  • Pines theater

Rivertown Junction[edit]

Attraction Added Manufacturer Description
Smoky Mountain River Rampage 1986 rapids ride
  • Tennessee Mountain Home
  • Back porch Theater


Timber Canyon[edit]

Attraction Added Manufacturer Description
Drop Line 2017 Funtime Inc. Drop tower
Lumberjack Lifts 2006 Heege Tower ride
Mystery Mine 2007 Gerstlauer Euro-fighter roller coaster
Thunderhead 2004 Great Coasters International Wooden roller coaster
Whistle Punk Chaser 2017 Zamperla Family Gravity Coaster

The Village[edit]

Attraction Added Manufacturer Description
Dollywood Express 1961 Baldwin Locomotive Works train ride
Village Carousel 1998 Chance carousel
  • Heartsong Theater

Wilderness Pass[edit]

Attraction Added Manufacturer Description
FireChaser Express 2014 Gerstlauer family roller coaster with two launches and a lift hill
Wild Eagle 2012 Bolliger & Mabillard wing roller coaster
  • SkyZip

Wildwood Grove[edit]

Attraction Added Manufacturer Description
The Dragonflier 2019 Vekoma Family Suspended coaster that "mimics the flight of a dragonfly"
Black Bear Trail 2019 Metallbau Emmeln Track ride allowing riders to hop on the back of a bear
Treetop Tower 2019 Zamperla A spinning tower providing a view of the surrounding area
The Mad Mockingbird 2019 Larson Classic spinning flat ride allowing riders to "fly" on the Tennessee state bird
Sycamore Swing 2019 Zamperla A swinging ship style ride themed to a sycamore leaf in the air
Frogs and Fireflies 2019 Zamperla A children's flat ride allowing riders to ride on the back of a frog as it hops
  • Hidden Hollow
  • Wildwood Tree
  • Wildwood Creek