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Blissfield Community Schools is a school district in Lenawee County, Michigan in the United States. It consists of a high school, middle school, and an elementary school. The District includes the village of Blissfield, and parts or all of Blissfield Township, Riga Township, Palmyra Township, Ogden Township, and Deerfield. Grades K-12 are housed in three buildings and serve approximately 1300 students.

Elementary school[edit]

Blissfield Elementary School offers grades K-5. Art is no longer available for students who wish to be educated there. K-2 get book buddies, from 4-5 graders. Recently, 5th grade now is more like a middle school level grade, they switch classes. The principal for BES, is Dee Crane. Blissfield Elementary host Purple and Gold Day, Royal Walk, and Royal Round-up. They are all basically field days.

Purple & Gold Day[edit]

Purple & Gold day is field day for the 3rd-5th graders, they run the track, and do events, like Dance-Off, and Soccer Kick.

Royal Walk[edit]

Royal Walk is actually somewhat very similar to Purple & Gold day except for that your family members or neighbors pledge you, and pay, for how many laps you run, the money goes to the school, for playgrounds, etc. And the person in each grade with the most wins Wiis, stuffed animals, etc. All grades compete.

Royal Roundup[edit]

Is 'Purple & Gold Day' for grades K-2.

Mission Statement[edit]

Blissfield Elementary School is committed to providing a safe, respectful and supportive teaching and learning environment where students are inspired to become academically successful and socially responsible.

Part of Mission Statement-

  • the creativity, potential and uniqueness of each individual;
  • the essential partnership between home, community and school;
  • the core values of professionalism, honesty and integrity;
  • the obligation for providing curriculum that is challenging, relevant and diverse;
  • the importance of fostering a desire for lifelong learning; and
  • the necessity that all we do is reflective of both our "genuine love for kids," and our confidence that everyone has the power to make a difference in today's world.


5th grade gets the chance to go to Camp Storer in Jackson, Michigan in March, the week of St. Patricks Day.


Blissfield Elementary's school day goes from 7:45 a.m to 2:52 p.m

Middle School[edit]

Blissfield Middle School offers kids grades 6-8. The middle school principal is Cris Rupp. BMS switches classes, and has six class periods.


Sports are offered for grades 7&8. Football, Basketball, Volleyball,Competitive Cheer, and track, for 7th. Football, Basketball, sideline cheer, Volleyball, Competitive Cheer, and track for 8th.


The music teacher usually puts on a musical in the fall, like Aladdin Jr. (2010–2011), and The Legend Of Sleepy Hollow (2009–2010).

Mission Statement[edit]

The Blissfield Middle School is dedicated to creating a respectful environment where individuals learn and succeed by developing character, intellect, wellness, and a desire for life long learning.


Eighth grade goes to Pioneer, Ohio for an outdoor camp experience.


Blissfield Middle School Daily Schedule 7:50 - 2:54

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