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Coat of arms, Westerblokker

Blokker is a village in the northwest Netherlands, in the province of North Holland and the region of West Friesland.

History and geography[edit]

Blokker consists of two parts: Westerblokker in the municipality of Hoorn, and Oosterblokker in Drechterland. Until 1979, Blokker was a separate municipality. The village was the location of the only two concerts on Dutch soil by The Beatles, during their 1964 world tour. That they played in Blokker was due to Ben Essing, the son of the mayor. Essing had also managed to get other acts to play in the Blokker auction hall, and organized a "Dutch Teener Fest" in 1964 and 1965, which made international headlines.[1]


There is a regular bus service to Hoorn railway station, which is, along with Hoorn Kersenboogerd railway station, the closest station to Blokker.



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Coordinates: 52°40′N 5°06′E / 52.667°N 5.100°E / 52.667; 5.100