NFL Football (1992 video game)

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NFL Football
NFL Football (1992) for Atari Lynx.jpeg
Developer(s)BlueSky Software
Platform(s)Atari Lynx
ReleaseDecember 31, 1992[1]
Mode(s)1-2 players

NFL Football is an American football sports video game for the Atari Lynx. Released in 1992, it was developed by Blue Sky Software and published by Epyx.


The Lynx system is to be rotated for vertical orientation in the player's hands, with the display zooming in and out from an overhead perspective. For two-player mode, a computer opponent is available or two Lynx systems can be connected via a cable. The players can choose a team from either the AFC or the NFC. The game offers an extensive clipboard of plays and formations "designed by a real NFL coordinator".[1]


Review scores

The game received overall negative reviews for being incomplete and buggy software. Electronic Gaming Magazine had four reviewers of the game, rating it 4, 6, 5, and 6. Between them, they said the game lacked focus, and has a poor implementation with difficult player control and choppy graphics.[2] Robert A. Jung scored it at 4 out of 10, summarizing that "It doesn't help if football games on other portable game systems are no more sophisticated than NFL Football. The bottom line is that this game is a futile exercise in boredom, and is certainly not fun to play nor worth the price asked for it."[1]


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