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Bob Fairfoull (born Robert James Fairfoull, 6 August 1976) is a Scottish musician. He was the bass guitarist for the Scottish rock band Idlewild. Roddy Woomble - a friend of Fairfoull and Idlewild's lead singer - asked Fairfoull to join in February 1997 following the departure of Phil Scanlon.[1] His appearance and attitude is classically punk rock and his typical on-stage antics consist of head-banging and jumping around.[2]

He became increasingly distant from the band in 2002, and on 29 September 2002 he left the band following a show in Amsterdam in "a rain of misdirected punches".[3]

After leaving Idlewild he joined the band Degrassi. He has had various other projects on the go, along with Degrassi, and, at the moment is playing in Edinburgh with the band Paper Beats Rock, who have supported Blood Red Shoes.

In 2009, when asked if the members of Idlewild remain friends with Fairfoull, Rod Jones stated that "there are no bad feelings between any of us and we have all seen Bob a few times over the last few years and remain on good terms."[4]