Bobb Trimble

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Bobb Trimble
OriginWorcester, Massachusetts
GenresPsychedelic folk, psychedelic rock
Years active1980–1986
LabelsSecretly Canadian
Bobb Records
Associated actsBobb & The Kidds, The Crippled Dog Band

Bobb Trimble (born August 4, 1958) is a psychedelic folk/outsider musician from Marlborough, Massachusetts.[1]


He released two full-length albums, Iron Curtain Innocence in 1980 and Harvest of Dreams in 1982. Following the latter's release, Trimble's recording activities ceased.

Over the next two decades, he gained a cult following, which included Ariel Pink and Sonic Youth's Thurston Moore.[2] His records, originally pressed in quantities of 500 or less, became collectors items, some selling for as much as $1,500.[2][3]

During the early 1980s, he had two backing bands: The Kidds (the average age of the band members was 12 years old) and The Crippled Dog Band (average age was 15 years).[2] "Suspicious parents" pulled the plug on both bands.[3]


2002 saw the release of Life Beyond the Doghouse, a vinyl-only compilation on Orpheus Records comprising unreleased recordings made by Trimble between 1983 and 1986.

Iron Curtain Innocence and Harvest of Dreams were re-released in 2007 by the Secretly Canadian label, each with a handful of bonus tracks.


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