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Also known as Canto
Origin London, England
Years active May 1968 - July 1969
Associated acts Tomorrow, Curtiss Maldoon, Yes
Members Bobbie Clarke
Dave Curtis
Steve Howe
Clive Maldoon

Bodast (also known as Canto) were a late 1960s rock group from London. Its most famous member was Steve Howe, later to join Yes.

The group recorded an album in 1968. Their label Tetragrammaton Records had success in the United States with Deep Purple, but went out of business just before scheduling a release date for the Bodast album. A portion of a song from the album titled "Nether Street" eventually became the third segment of the Yes song "Starship Trooper" from The Yes Album entitled "Würm". The 1968 recordings were eventually released in 1981, and most recently by RPM Records in 2000.


  • The Early Years (Steve Howe with Bodast - printed in France, 1988 & 1990)
  • Spectral Nether Street: The Complete Collection (RPM Records, 2000)[1]


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