The Haunted Melody

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The Haunted Melody
Studio album by Steve Howe Trio
Released 2008
Recorded 7–8 October 2007 at Langley Studios, Devon, England
Genre Jazz
Length 57 min
Label HoweSound
Producer Steve Howe
Steve Howe Trio chronology
The Haunted Melody

The Haunted Melody is the first studio album by the English jazz group Steve Howe Trio, released in November 2008 on HoweSound.

Track listing[edit]

  1. "Kenny's Sound" (4:38) (Kenny Burrell)
  2. "Mood for a Day" (5:46) (Steve Howe)
  3. "The Haunted Melody" (4:33) (Roland Kirk)
  4. "Siberian Khatru" (5:02) (Jon Anderson, Steve Howe, Rick Wakeman)
  5. "Blue Bash" (6:08) (Jimmy Smith)
  6. "Momenta" (7:32) (Steve Howe)
  7. "Laughing With Larry" (3:36) (Steve Howe)
  8. "Travelin'" (5:02) (Kenny Burrell)
  9. "Dream River" (5:36) (Steve Howe)
  10. "Close to the Edge" (4:49) (Jon Anderson, Steve Howe)
  11. "Sweet Thunder" (4:53) (Steve Howe)