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A summer picnic in Bonython Park

Bonython Park is a 17-hectare park in the Northwest Park Lands of the South Australian capital of Adelaide. The park was opened in 1962 and named in honour of prominent South Australian politician and journalist, Sir John Langdon Bonython. It is the largest single park[dubious ] of the Adelaide Park Lands, and it is situated on north-western side of the River Torrens bordered by Port Road. It is on the opposite side of the river to a par 3 golf course, and adjacent to the old Adelaide Gaol and the Police Barracks.

The park hosts or has hosted a number of major events including the Schützenfest, (a German shooting festival), the former Skyshow fireworks display, and various music festivals including Soundwave, Stereosonic and the Big Day Out. It is also the location of various visiting circuses.

Bonython Park has one of Adelaide's best[dubious ] playgrounds - Bonython Park Adventure Playspace, a vibrant[dubious ] kiosk (Bonython Park Kiosk), a boating lake, open kick/play fields and a junior playground. Multi-barbecue stations with picnic and relaxing spots are available for the public.

Across Port Road, on the banks of the river, is the garden and lighting display of the brewery, which changes with the seasons being celebrated but is best known for its Christmas display.

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Coordinates: 34°54′58″S 138°34′52″E / 34.916°S 138.581°E / -34.916; 138.581