Born to Explore with Richard Wiese

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Born to Explore with Richard Wiese
Genre Culture/Travel
Starring Richard Wiese
Country of origin United States
No. of seasons 3
Executive producer(s) Mercedes Ildefonso Velgot, Richard Wiese, Dave Morgan
Running time 30 minutes
Distributor Litton Entertainment
Original network ABC
Original release September 3, 2011 (2011-09-03) – present
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Born to Explore with Richard Wiese is an Emmy Award-winning first-run educational/informational television series airing weekly on ABC. Host and explorer Richard Wiese travels the world on this adventure travel program in search of unique stories, people and wildlife. Born to Explore introduces and highlights cultures around the world to an audience of children and families.

In each episode, Born to Explore travels to unpublicized corners of the world. Its stated mission: to seek out unique people, celebrate the diversity of world cultures, explore the animal kingdom and discover the natural wonders of the planet.

The series blends adventure, travel, environmental stewardship and positive cultural messages against a backdrop of exotic locations. Ranging from Morocco’s Atlas Mountains, where Wiese became the first foreigner to visit an isolated nomadic village, to taking part in aboriginal rituals in Australia’s Northern Territory, to tracking polar bears and researching climate change with an Inuit tribe in Canada, the show examines cultural traditions through food, music, dance and art.


As of spring 2014, Born to Explore with Richard Wiese is airing its third season of programming on ABC stations nationwide as part of Litton's Weekend Adventure Saturday morning block. Each season features 26 half-hour programs.

It is the top show in its time period within the U.S., averaging over 1.4 million viewers each week.[1][2] In its first year, it improved ABC's ratings by 44 percent over the same time period in the previous year. The series also airs on the American Forces Network and on Hulu.

Litton Weekend Program[edit]

Born to Explore with Richard Wiese is one of six original, half-hour HD programs that form the Litton Weekend Adventure block of programming airing on Saturday mornings on ABC stations in the United States.[3] The series premiered Saturday, September 3, 2011, on over 95% of ABC affiliates across the United States. The three-hour Litton block features programming that inspires viewers to explore the Earth, dive beneath the ocean's surface, give back to their communities, and design a new recipe for healthier living.

The Litton’s Weekend Adventure block adheres to federally mandated educational programming guidelines, thus allowing ABC stations to carry it and comply with the mandatory weekly three-hour E/I programming rule implemented by the FCC.

United States episodes[edit]

The show airs on Saturday mornings on most ABC stations.

American Forces Network[edit]

The American Forces Network broadcasts Born to Explore, with a reach of over one million US service members and their families on American bases in 175 countries.

Additional Services[edit]

As with the rest of the Litton's Weekend Adventure block, episodes of Born to Explore are reformatted for the visually impaired. With the Descriptive Video Service provided by Bridge Media, TV programs and movies include a narrative track of additional descriptions to make the content more accessible.


Emmy Awards & Nominations[edit]

At the 39th annual Daytime Entertainment Emmy Awards in 2012, Born to Explore was nominated for Outstanding Children's Series. Host Richard Wiese was chosen as a presenter for the awards ceremony. In 2013, at the 40th Daytime Emmy Awards, Born to Explore was nominated for two awards:

  • Outstanding Travel Program
  • Outstanding Achievement in Single Camera Cinematography

Cinematographers John Barnhardt and Greg Harriott won the Emmy for Single Camera Photography.

In 2014 (41st Daytime Emmy Awards), Born to Explore was nominated for three Daytime Emmy Awards:

  • Outstanding Host, Lifestyle/Travel Program (Richard Wiese)
  • Outstanding Directing, Lifestyle/Culinary/Travel Program (Mercedes Ildefonso Velgot, Andrew Ames)
  • Outstanding Special Class Writing (Mercedes Ildefonso Velgot, Andrew Ames)

Parents’ Choice Award[edit]

Born to Explore with Richard Wiese was two consecutive gold medals from the Parents' Choice Award in 2013 and 2014 in the television category for young adults aged 13–16. Only five gold medals for television are selected annually from more than 240 submissions.

TELLY Awards[edit]

In 2013, at the 34th annual Telly Awards, Born to Explore received a bronze Telly, the organization's second-highest honor. In 2014, the series was honored with 11 Tellys: 2 silver and 9 bronze.

SABRE Award[edit]

SABRE Awards highlight exceptional work in the public relations industry, with a focus on strategic planning, creativity and business results. In 2012 Travel Alberta and its PR agency Current Lifestyle Marketing took first place in the “Product Placement” category for their work with Born to Explore, which produced an episode there the previous year. The entry was selected from nearly 2,000 submissions.

Cronkite Award for Excellence in Exploration[edit]

On March 6, 2012, Reach the World, a global education and mentoring organization, awarded the Cronkite Award for Excellence in Exploration and Journalism to Richard Wiese. The award was presented at the Reach the World annual benefit. Richard Wiese is the inaugural recipient of this award.

Cynopsis Kids !magination Award Winner[edit]

In 2013 Cynopsis Media awarded Born to Explore with Richard Wiese the Cynopsis Kids !magination Award in the "Tweens 9-14 Series" category.


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