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Boroline Antiseptic Cream.jpg
Product type Antiseptic
Owner G.D.Pharmaceuticals Private Limited, Kolkata
Country India
Introduced 1929
Ambassador(s) Raima Sen, Sakshi Tanwar, Vidya Balan[1]

Boroline is an over the counter antiseptic perfumed cream sold in India. The product was launched in 1929[2] in Kolkata by Gourmohan Dutta,[3] a Bengali merchant. Over the years, the brand's popularity soared, and it became an icon of national economic self-sufficiency in a nation that was still under the British rule. It is still one of the most popular brands in India.

It is a combination of the antiseptic boric acid, the astringent and sunscreen zinc oxide, and the emollient lanolin and is meant to be used for cuts, cracked lips, rough skin, and to treat infections. It is manufactured by G D Pharmaceuticals.[4]


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