The Boss Buckle EP

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Boss Buckle EP
36CF Boss Buckle EP cover.jpg
EP by 36 Crazyfists
Released 1995
Recorded 'The Mirror' Recording Studio
Genre Rapcore
Length 18:41
Label self produced
Producer Eddie Wohl
36 Crazyfists chronology
Boss Buckle EP
Suffer Tree

Boss Buckle EP is the first recording released by the Alaskan metal band 36 Crazyfists. At the time of its release in 1995, the band were not widely known, and therefore this EP is very rare. This is one of the three albums that the band released prior to being signed to Roadrunner Records.

This EP features a much more raw sound than that found on later 36 Crazyfists releases. The songs are heavier and rapcore influenced vocals are evident.


Boss Buckle was recorded between June 22 and 26, 1995, at The Mirror studio in Anchorage, Alaska. The band had several songs at that point, but only 5 were chosen for the record. They were perfectly rehearsed, having been played at many concerts. The final production quality is comparable to commercial metal releases of the era.

This is the band's only album featuring original bassist JD Stuart, who was killed in a car collision in 1996.


Boss Buckle was released on cassettes, with music on only one side (the other was blank). Cassettes were transparent with pre-printed labels on one side, labeled "side 36". At the time the band's name was written with separate words: "36 Crazy Fists". An insert contained the track listing and a cover photo. Considering the band's quick rise in popularity in Anchorage, this release became an instant rarity. The band gave out many copies to the audience during their live performances, particularly at Gigs Music Theater and Chilkoot Charlie's. The song KneeHigh was used as a show opener several times.

After bassist JD Stuart was killed in a car crash in June 1996, the band performed a short farewell set at Gigs Music Theater composed mostly of Boss Buckle -era songs. Ryan Brownell played guitar and Steve Holt played bass.


The inner page of the cassette insert stated that this album is dedicated to the memory of Duane Monsen. Duane Monsen was a drummer who played with Steve Holt in their previous project "Broke". Monsen was killed in a fight at the Underground bar in Anchorage on 28 January 1994. [1][2]

Track listing[edit]

All lyrics written by Brock Lindow; all music composed by 36 Crazyfists.

No. Title Length
1. "Bullygutt"   3:17
2. "Godline"   4:13
3. "6 Feet"   3:56
4. "Kneehigh"   3:53
5. "Happy Day Riot"   3:22
Total length:


Brock Lindow – Vocals
Ryan Brownell – Guitar
Steve Holt - Guitar
JD Stuart – Bass
Thomas Noonan – Drums


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