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Bowlliards is a pool game often used as a training drill. The game borrows aspects of ten-pin bowling, hence the name. The game is divided into ten frames where a player gets a maximum of two innings to pocket ten balls.


At the start of each "frame" (round of play, in bowling terms), ten object balls are racked in a triangle with the front ball placed at the foot spot. The cue ball is placed in the area behind the head string (baulk line), i.e. in "the kitchen", and the first player breaks. After the break the player gets ball in hand and tries to pocket as many balls as possible until missing. This is considered the first inning of the frame, which consists of as many innings as there are players. If there are still balls left on the table after the first attempt, the player gets another try. Clearing all the balls on the first inning is called a strike, clearing remaining balls on the second inning is called a spare. For details on scoring see the scoring section for ten-pin bowling.

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