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Killer or killers is a multi-player folk variant of straight pool in which each player is assigned a set number of "lives" and takes one shot per inning to attempt to pocket (pot) a ball, or else lose a life. Usually if the player scratches then an additional life is lost.[1] It is a popular pub game because it can involve a potentially unlimited number of players, and offers the opportunity for each player to bet a small amount of money for a reasonable return in winner-takes-all. There are often other local subrules such as potting the black (8 ball), or any two balls in one shot(including white) , gives the player an extra life, or that failure to pocket a ball on the break shot does not cost a life (in which case the shooter shoots again).[2] The game is sometimes called killer pool.

Killer pool is the main game subject of the Side Pocket video game series.


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