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Boys' Night Out
Genre Comedy, talk, music
Running time 4 hours, Mondays - Thursdays, 6pm-10pm, Manila Time
Country of origin Philippines
Home station Magic 89.9
Hosted by Slick Rick (2006–present)
Tony Toni (2006–present)
Sam YG (2007–present)
Ramon Bautista (2011–2014)
Jojo the Love Survivor (2012–present)
Alex Calleja (2014-present)
Suzy (2016-present)
Created by Magic 89.9
Original release March 5, 2006 – present

Boys' Night Out (commonly abbreviated to B.N.O.) is a Filipino evening radio talk show of Magic 89.9 hosted by DJ's Slick Rick (Eric Virata), Tony Toni (Anthony James Bueno) and Sam YG (Samir Gogna) with Suzy (Tin Gamboa) on Mondays, Alex on Tuesdays and Jojo the Love Survivor on Thursdays.[1]


Radio Tabloid[edit]

Boys' Night Out started as a small segment of Magic 89.9 called Radio Tabloid hosted by King DJ Logan and CJ the DJ. After moderate success the executives of the station decided to turn it into a radio talk show called Boys Night Out on March 2006 with Radio Tabloid becoming one of its segments renamed to Confession Sessions. The show was hosted by King DJ Logan with the addition of Slick Rick and Tony Toni. CJ was moved to host the weekday lunch show called the Big Meal.

King DJ Logan left the station to pursue a hosting career, a bar and resto business and worked for an Alabang call center for a time

9pm-12am era[edit]

Sam Y.G joins Magic 89.9 and replaces the outgoing King DJ Logan of boys night out.

Format and Schedule Changes[edit]

In 2010, Magic 89.9, at the turning point of its career as the #1 and most popular radio station in the Philippines, made several changes to its shows' format and time slots very much to the liking of its listeners. Boys Night Out was moved to an earlier and longer timeslot: Mondays-Thursdays, 6pm to 10pm. The show received positive feedback from its fans as it, to quote a listener: "helps ease the pain of traffic during rush hours at EDSA"

Boys Ride Out/Boys Off The Record[edit]

Slick Rick, Sam YG, and Tony Toni can now be seen on Solar News Channel (now known as CNN Philippines where they interview famous (and infamous) personalities in their program called "Boys Ride Out".

Substitute hosts[edit]

Some celebrities and other DJs have substituted for "the Boys" during their absences and have had numerous guestings from famous folks

Substitutes included:

Some well-known/controversial guests have included:

Segments, Games and Format[edit]

  • Confession Sessions formerly called Radio Tabloid. The boys read letters of fans about "sexy-time"
  • Dear Boys a parody of Love Notes where the boys read letters and give advice with matters of the heart.
  • Dancing Time with the Boys they play their own mix of music.
  • Temple of Love love advice from Guru Shivaker a character that DJ Sam YG plays. This is every Wednesday, 8pm
  • Surprise Contest guess who's eating or drinking and win a prize. They play it when they feel like it
  • Porno or Combo guess whether the phrase is a name of a band or a title of a porn flick. They play this with celebrity guests.
  • S.O.P. Samantha on the Phone. A sexy traffic report courtesy of resident traffic reporter Samantha from Trapik.Com
  • Batian Na! greet whoever whenever on radio.
  • Sino to? and Fax Tone Please they do prank calls live on radio asking either the question Sino To? (Whose this?) or Fax Tone Please
  • Pakita mo Business mo introduce your business on radio
  • Weekend Recap review of events that happened during the weekend
  • Extra Service you guess whether you're being massaged (over the phone) using oil, powder or lotion.
  • Moan Off Monday a.k.a. Manyak Monday DJ Ramon Bautista joins the BNO trio every Mondays.
  • Poll Question of the Day callers give their responses to the B.N.O poll question, aired daily (Mon-Thu).
  • The G-Spot a segment with Dr. Gia Sison being asked about their medical problems.
  • Life Line a segment inspired by a caller named Jojo who called the show because he's so heartbroken and wants to commit suicide. Jojo is now part of the segment.
  • The Birthday Game
  • Yes Maybe No

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