Brügger & Thomet GL06

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Brügger & Thomet GL06
Eng pm ASG-GL-06-Grenade-Launcher-Proline-17002-8737 1.jpg
TypeGrenade launcher
Riot gun
Place of originSwitzerland
Service history
WarsIraqi Civil War
Production history
DesignerBrügger & Thomet
ManufacturerBrügger & Thomet
Mass2.05 kg (4.52 lb)
Length590 mm (23.2 in) stock extended / 385 mm (15.2 in) stock folded
Barrel length280 mm (11.0 in)
Width60 mm (2.4 in) stock extended / 95 mm (3.7 in) stock folded
Height200 mm (7.9 in)

Caliber40×46 mm (1.8 in)
ActionBreak action
Muzzle velocity85 m/s (279 ft/s)
Effective firing range300 m (980 ft)
Feed systemBreech-loaded, single-shot
SightsGhost ring iron sights
339 mm (13.3 in) sight radius
Picatinny rail

The Brügger & Thomet GL06[1][2][3] is a dedicated stand-alone shoulder-fired 40×46 mm (1.8 in) grenade launcher intended for military and police applications.


The GL06 was developed in 2006[4] in response to a recent request from the police force of a leading European country which sought to obtain a less-lethal weapon for anti-riot application with the particular need for pin-point accuracy at standoff ranges (beyond 40 m (130 ft) for such scenarios) when firing impact rounds. The Thun-based Brügger & Thomet (B&T) company provided its client with both a weapon and a special round, with the added benefit of compatibility with a wide array of lethal and less-lethal ammunition produced in the 40 mm (1.6 in) low-velocity class.

It has been produced by four different manufacturers.[4]


The GL06 is a stand-alone shoulder-firing weapon intended for military and police applications. A special "less-lethal" version of GL06 was produced as the LL06. Although the LL06 was marketed as a variation of the GL06, the only difference is the bright yellow color of the frame, compared to the standard black of the GL06. Both weapons are fully capable of firing a complete range of lethal and less-lethal 40×46 mm (1.8 in) ammunition.

The GL06 is lighter and more compact than other stand-alone weapons of the same class (such as the US M79 or German HK69A1), yet it is capable of greater accuracy, tactical flexibility and has good ergonomics.[citation needed]



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