Brahmanandam Drama Company

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Brahmanandam Drama Company
Directed by E. Srikanth Nahatha l
Produced by Palli Kesava Rao and K Kishore Reddy
Starring Sivaji
Ravi Krishna
Kamalinee Mukherjee
Music by Sai Karthik
Release date
  • 11 July 2008 (2008-07-11)
Country India
Language Telugu
Budget 5,00,00,000

Brahmanandam Drama Company is a 2008 Telugu film starring Sivaji, Ravi Krishna, Brahmanandam and Kamalinee Mukherjee. The film is directed by E. Srikanth Nahatha and produced by: Palli Kesava Rao and K. Kishore Reddy. The film is a Telugu remake of Hindi film Bhagam Bhag. The film bombed at the Box-office.


Anandam (Brahmanandam) runs a drama company. Vasu (Sivaji), Srinu (Ravi Krishna), Soni (Samiksha) are the heroes and heroine of the drama company. The company gets a chance to perform in Bangkok and the heroine gives them a hand. Anandam announces that whoever gets the heroine will become the heroine in the company. From there on the film takes several twists as the duo are in pursuit of a heroine and the strange circumstances.



  • Producer: Palli Kesava Rao and K. Kishore Reddy
  • Director: E. Srikanth Nahatha
  • Story:
  • Screenplay:
  • Dialogues:
  • Music Director:

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