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BrassNeck Theatre
BrassNeck Theatre Logo.jpg
BrassNeck Theatre Logo
FormationJanuary 2010


Tom Kyle


BrassNeck Theatre

Current Show

Sunset Boulevard - May 2019

Next Shows

TBC - May 2020
TypeTheatre group

BrassNeck Theatre is a theatre company based in Leeds, West Yorkshire, England. It was formed by the merger of The Grove & Rawdon Theatre Company and Stampede Theatre Company in January 2010.[1]

BrassNeck Theatre's first production was Footloose the Musical, performed at Yeadon Town Hall in May 2010.[1] The majority of the company's productions, and rehearsals, take place at Yeadon Town Hall and Guiseley Theatre.


BrassNeck Theatre's reputation was formed in its two founding theatre companies. The Grove and Rawdon Theatre Company and Stampede Theatre Company were both well known for producing professional standard theatre, with local reviewers often comparing the standard to that of London's West End.[2][3]

In recent years, BrassNeck Theatre has built on this reputation by successfully staging a wide range of plays and musical theatre, all receiving positive reviews in local media and from audiences. Reviewers often comment not only on the high quality of their acting, singing and dancing, but also on technical expertise with custom built sets and a very high standard of lighting and sound.[4][5][6][7][8]

Future shows[edit]

BrassNeck Theatre's next show will be Sunset Boulevard, with the performance due May 2019 at Yeadon Town Hall.[9]

Previous shows[edit]


The Grove and Rawdon Theatre Company[edit]

The Grove and Rawdon Theatre Company were formed in 2002 by the merger of Horsforth Grove Amateur Operatics Society and Rawdon Amateur Operatics Society.

From 2002 to 2009, The Grove and Rawdon Theatre Company staged 16 productions, and became renowned for producing difficult musicals to a high standard. Their shows, including Jesus Christ Superstar,[10] Seussical the Musical,[11] Buddy![2] and Wizard of Oz,[12] frequently received rave reviews in local papers.

They also gained a reputation for their willingness to tackle new and challenging musicals, such as Bat Boy,[13] Spend Spend Spend[14] and Jekyll and Hyde.[15]

The Grove and Rawdon Theatre Company Productions

Stampede Theatre Company[edit]

Stampede Theatre Company was founded in 2006, "in response to a growing need for a 'youth based' theatre company in the Wharfedale area".[16]

The theatre company produced 9 musical shows and became well known in the local area for their quality productions, in particular the high standard of their youth members. Like The Grove and Rawdon Theatre Company, their productions earned rave reviews in local news, including their productions of the schools version of Les Miserables,[17] We Will Rock You,[3] and West Side Story.[18]

Stampede Theatre Company maintained that while they had an emphasis on youth, they were not only a youth company, and staged a number of successful productions with an "adult" cast, including The Full Monty[19] and Sweeney Todd.[20]

Stampede Theatre Company Productions

Notable members[edit]

Both companies involved in the BrassNeck Theatre were known for having a high standard of membership.[according to whom?] Previous and current members have studied at leading drama schools such as GSA Conservatoire and Mountview Academy of Theatre Arts. Past and present notable members of the theatre include:


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