Bratovo, Burgas Province

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Bratovo is a small village in Burgas Municipality. it resides about 7 km Outside Burgas City Centre. It is still underdeveloped nearby jobs are created by an oil company lukoil 15.6 km Outside Bratovo and locals are also sustained by homegrown local produce and livestock. They grow plums grapes and tomatoes to name but a few of the local produce which tastes delicious. The municipality has recently[when?] resurfaced the roads around the village and a new school has been opened in the village. Brat School is of a high standard and many wealthy families are starting to relocate nearby mainly for the school. Bratovo also has its own microclimate and always seems to be a few degrees warmer than many of its surrounding neighbours. The telephone code to the village of Bratovo is 0562732 from Bulgaria and International is 00359562732. The nearest villages to Bratovo are Ravnets and Dolno Ezerovo some of the roads from Burgas to Bratovo still need some minor repairs and can be a little bumpy in places.


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Coordinates: 42°30′N 27°18′E / 42.500°N 27.300°E / 42.500; 27.300