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Two lineups of Misfits performing in 1998 (top) and 2008 (middle).

The Misfits are an American horror punk band from Lodi, New Jersey. Formed in February 1977, the group originally included vocalist and keyboardist Glenn Danzig (real name Glenn Anzalone), bassist Jerry Only (real name Gerald Caiafa) and drummer Manny Martínez, adding guitarist Franché Coma (real name Frank Licata) in the fall of that year. The band went through a number of personnel changes, including adding Only's brother Doyle (real name Paul Caiafa) on guitar in 1980, before breaking up in 1983. Only and Doyle reformed the Misfits in 1995 with new vocalist Michale Graves (real name Michael Emanuel) and drummer Dr. Chud (real name David Calabrese). That lineup went through several changes, with Only being the only consistent member, before Danzig and Doyle rejoined the band in 2016, alongside drummer Dave Lombardo.



The Misfits were formed in February 1977 by vocalist and keyboardist Glenn Danzig (real name Glenn Anzalone), bassist Jerry Only (real name Gerald Caiafa) and drummer Manny Martínez. After performing as a three-piece for a number of months with Danzig on vocals and electric piano, including their first single Cough/Cool, the band added guitarist Franché Coma (real name Frank Licata) in October.[1] By the end of the year they had also replaced Martínez with Mr. Jim (surname Catania), a former bandmate of Danzig's, due to the original drummer's decision to leave the band.[2] Misfits recorded its debut album Static age in the first two months of 1978, but it remained unreleased until 1996.[3] Bullet was released in June 1978.[4]

Coma left midway through a North American tour in October 1978, followed by Mr. Jim later in the month.[5] They were replaced in November by Bobby Steele (real name Bobby Kaufhold) and Joey Image (real name Joey Poole), respectively.[5] Coma was initially replaced by Rick Riley for two shows before Steele joined.[5] After the release of two singles – Horror business and Night of the living dead – Image left Misfits in December 1979 following conflicts with Danzig and Only.[6] The group went on a short hiatus, before adding drummer Arthur Googy (real name Arthur McGuckin) in April 1980.[7] Later in the year, Steele was replaced by Only's 16-year-old brother Paul Caiafa (originally a roadie for the band), who adopted the moniker Doyle.[8] This lineup recorded the band's first album to be released, Walk among us, which was issued in March 1982.[9] Googy left shortly after its release after an argument with Danzig at a McDonald's restaurant.[10]

Returning with former Black Flag drummer Robo (real name Roberto Valverde), Misfits recorded its second album Earth AD/Wolf's blood throughout late 1982 and early 1983.[11] Robo left in August 1983, with Brian Damage (real name Brian Keats) brought in for scheduled tour dates later in the year.[5] However, Danzig disbanded the group after a final show on October 29 which Rolling Stone writer Kory Grow described as "shambolic", during which former touring drummer Todd Swalla was forced to substitute for Damage, who was unable to play due to being drunk.[12] Earth AD/Wolf's blood was released in December 1983,[13] followed by the single Die, die, my darling in May 1984.[14] Following the breakup of Misfits, Danzig formed Samhain and later an eponymous band, while the Caiafa brothers collaborated in the Christian metal group Kryst the Conqueror.[11]

1995 onwards[edit]

After a legal case regarding ownership of the band's name, in 1995 Only "secured the exclusive legal right to tour and record as the Misfits", and reformed the band with Doyle.[15] The pair initially invited Danzig to rejoin, who declined.[10] During auditions for new bandmates, Only and Doyle recorded several demos with vocalist Eric Weiss and drummer Joel Gausten, although they were not official members of the band.[16] Later in the year, vocalist Michale Graves (real name Michael Emanuel) and drummer Dr. Chud (real name David Calabrese) joined the group, with their first shows coming in October.[17] The new lineup released several recordings together, including studio albums American psycho in 1997 and Famous monsters in 1999.[18][19] Graves briefly departed in 1998, during which time Myke Hideous filled in on several tour dates.[20]

Graves and Chud left midway through a show on October 25, 2000.[21] Several guest musicians replaced them at later shows, including former member Joey Image, vocalist Zoli Téglás and drummer Ken "Renfield" Schalk.[21] In early 2001, the group toured with a range of guests, including Eric Arce, former members Robo and Graves, former Black Flag guitarist Dez Cadena, and former Ramones drummer Marky Bell.[22] Both Cadena and Marky later became official members,[23] before Doyle left the band in May.[24] Robo returned to replace Marky in 2005,[25] remaining until late 2010 when he was replaced by Arce.[26] In 2014, the band expanded to a four-piece with the addition of Only's guitarist son Jerry Caiafa II,[27] although the following June it was announced that Cadena had to cease performing due to undergoing cancer treatment.[28]

On May 12, 2016, it was announced that Danzig would be returning to the band for the first time since 1983, alongside guitarist Doyle, for a lineup dubbed "The original Misfits".[29] In August, it was announced that former Slayer drummer Dave Lombardo would be joining as the fourth member of the group, with the first reunion shows taking place the following month.[30]



Image Name Years active Instruments Release contributions
Jerry Only.jpg
Jerry Only
(Jerry Caiafa)
  • 1977–1983
  • 1995–present
all Misfits releases
Glenn Danzig at Wacken Open Air 2013 04.jpg
Glenn Danzig
(Glenn Anzalone)
  • 1977–1983
  • 2016–present
all Misfits releases from "Cough/Cool" (1977) to "Die, Die My Darling" (1984)
Glenn Danzig and Paul Doyle Caiafa playing at Wacken Open Air 2013 03.jpg
Doyle Wolfgang von Frankenstein
(Paul Caiafa)
  • 1980–1983
  • 1995–2001
  • 2016–present
Dave Lombardo 2016–present drums none
Acey Slade (Emil Schmidt) 2016–present rhythm guitar none


Image Name Years active Instruments Release contributions
Manny Martínez 1977 "Cough/Cool" (1977)
Franché Coma
(Frank Licata)
1977–1978 guitar
Mr. Jim (Jim Catania) 1978 drums
Bobby Steele at Tompkins Square Park 1.jpg
Bobby Steele (Bobby Kaufhold) 1978–1980 guitar
Joey Image in 2014.jpg
Joey Image
(Joey Poole)
(touring 2000)
Arthur Googy
(Arthur McGuckin)
1980–1982 all Misfits releases from 3 Hits from Hell (1981) to Evilive (1982)
(Roberto Valverde)
  • 1982–1983
  • 2005–2010
    (touring 2001–02)
Dr. Chud
(David Calabrese)
  • all Misfits releases from American Psycho (1997) to "Monster Mash" (1999)
  • Psycho in the Wax Museum (2006)
Marky Ramone,Michale Graves.jpg
Michale Graves
(Michael Emanuel)
  • 1995–1998
  • 1998–2000
lead vocals all Misfits releases from American Psycho (1997) to "Monster Mash" (1999), except "I Wanna Be a NY Ranger" (1998)
Misfits Dez Cadena 1.jpg
Dez Cadena 2001–2015
  • guitar
  • backing vocals
all Misfits releases from "Day the Earth Caught Fire" (2002) to "Horror Xmas" (2013), except Psycho in the Wax Museum (2006)
Marky Ramone-05.jpg
Marky Ramone (Marky Bell) 2001–2005
  • drums
  • percussion
Misfits drummer (Aupa Lumbreiras 2013).jpg
(Eric Arce)
(touring 2000–01)
drums all Misfits releases from The Devil's Rain (2011) to Friday the 13th (2016)
Jerry Other (Jerry Caiafa II) 2014–2016
  • guitar
  • backing vocals
  • Vampire girl/Zombie girl (2015)
  • Friday the 13th (2016)
Soulfly Rockharz 2015 02.jpg
Marc Rizzo 2015
  • guitar
  • Vampire girl/Zombie girl (2015)


Image Name Years active Instruments Notes
Rick Riley 1978 guitar After the sudden departure of Franché Coma, Riley played guitar for the band at two shows in October 1978.[5]
Todd Swalla
  • 1982
  • 1983
drums Swalla played one Misfits show in June 1982, and later substituted for Damage on October 29, 1983.[31]
Brian Damage (Brian Keats) 1983 drums His first and only performance turned out to be the band's farewell show. He played thirteen songs of the set and was then replaced for the rest of the show by Swalla.[32]
Myke Hideous (Myke Itzazone) 1998 lead vocals Hideous temporarily replaced Michale Graves during the summer of 1998, before the regular vocalist returned.[20]
Zoli Teglas 01.jpg
Zoli Téglás 2000 Following the departure of Michale Graves in October 2000, Téglás temporarily fronted the band at live shows.[21]
Renfield (Ken Schalk) drums After Dr. Chud left in October 2000, he was temporarily replaced by Arce, Renfield and Cross.[21][33]
Matt Cross



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