Bridge Across Time

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Bridge Across Time (aka Terror at London Bridge)
Bridge Across Time - Terror at London Bridge.jpg
Genre Horror film
Written by William F. Nolan
Directed by E.W. Swackhamer
Starring David Hassellhoff
Stepfanie Kramer
Randolph Mantooth
Theme music composer Lalo Schifrin
Country of origin United States
Original language(s) English
Executive producer(s) Charles W. Fries
Irv Wilson
Producer(s) Richard Maynard
Jack Michon
Cinematography Gil Hubbs
Editor(s) Leslie Dennis Bracken
Thomas Fries
Running time 100 min.
Production company(s) Charles Fries Productions
Distributor NBC
Original network NBC
Original release
  • November 22, 1985 (1985-11-22)

Bridge Across Time, also known as Terror at London Bridge is a 1985 made-for-television drama film. It was an NBC movie of the week, written by William F. Nolan, directed by E.W. Swackhamer and starred David Hasselhoff, Stepfanie Kramer, and Randolph Mantooth.[1] The relocation of London Bridge to Lake Havasu City, Arizona is the basis of this film, and a series of murders is attributed to the spirit of Jack the Ripper, whose soul is transported to the United States in one of the stones of the bridge.

The film is also known as Arizona Ripper


London Bridge, London, England, 1888. Jack the Ripper dies in the Thames river.

London Bridge, Lake Havasu City, Arizona, 1985. The last original stone used to rebuild the London Bridge is laid, all the city is happy. But since that moment some strange murders happen. The policeman, Don Gregory (David Hassellhoff) has some suspects, but his ideas are quite strange, he thinks about a Jack the Ripper revived. Nobody believes him.



The original London Bridge was relocated to Lake Havasu City, Arizona. It is a relocated 1831 bridge that formerly spanned the River Thames in London, England, until it was dismantled in 1967. The Arizona bridge is a reinforced concrete structure clad in the original masonry of the 1830s bridge, which was bought by Robert P. McCulloch from the City of London. McCulloch had exterior granite blocks from the original bridge numbered and transported to America to construct the present bridge in Lake Havasu City, a planned community he established in 1964 on the shore of Lake Havasu. The bridge was completed in 1971 (along with a canal), and links an island in the Colorado River with the main part of Lake Havasu City.


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