British European Airways Flight 142

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British European Airways Flight 142
Date22 October 1958
SummaryMid-air collision
SiteNettuno, near Anzio, Italy
First aircraft
A Vickers Viscount similar to the accident aircraft
TypeVickers Viscount 701
OperatorBritish European Airways
Flight originLondon Heathrow Airport, England
DestinationNaples Airport, Italy
Second aircraft
F86F Sabres - Chino Airshow 2014 (cropped).jpg
A North American F-86 Sabre similar to the accident aircraft
TypeNorth American F-86E Sabre
OperatorItalian Air Force

British European Airways Flight 142 (callsign Beeline 142) was a scheduled service between London Heathrow Airport and Naples Airport. On 22 October 1958 it was operated by Vickers Viscount 701 registered G-ANHC.[1] named "Sir Leopold McClintock" [2] when it collided with an Italian Air Force North American F-86E Sabre over Anzio in Italy.


Flight 142 was flying at 23,500 feet towards Naples when it collided with an F-86E near Anzio. The F-86E was the leading aircraft of four that were on a tactical training exercise when it hit the Viscount. Both aircraft crashed with the loss of all on board the Viscount. The F-86 pilot – Captain Giovanni Savorelli – ejected and survived.[1]


While no blame was attributed for the accident it was noted that the Viscount had strayed out of the airway and into the military prohibited area.[1]


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