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Locations of the British Quidditch Cups

The British Quidditch Cup is a quidditch tournament held in the United Kingdom that follows the rules laid out by the International Quidditch Association. It is organised by QuidditchUK, currently led by President Melanie Piper.

Other regular tournaments in the United Kingdom include the Highlander Cup held in Edinburgh, Scotland, Whiteknights (which after six years no longer runs) held in Reading, England and the two regional tournaments Northern and Southern Cup


The following table shows a list of all British Quidditch Cups to date. The team that caught the snitch is denoted with an asterisk.

Year Host city Final 3rd place match Teams
Champions Score Runners-up 3rd place Score 4th place
Oxford Oxford Radcliffe Chimeras 110–60* Keele Squirrels Bangor Broken Broomsticks 60*–40 Southampton QC 16
Nottingham Southampton QC 120*–90 Oxford Radcliffe Chimeras Keele Squirrels 160*–130 Loughborough Longshots 23
Rugeley Oxford Radcliffe Chimeras 150*–50 Warwick QC Durhamstrang 100*–90 Nottingham Nightmares 32
Rugeley Velociraptors QC 260*–60 Brizzlebears Werewolves of London 120*–20 Hollyrood Hippogriffs 32
Oxford Velociraptors QC 70*-30 Warwick QC Werewolves of London 110*-30 Southampton QC 32
Newcastle London Quidditch Club 160*-70 Warewolves of London Firsts Velociraptors QC 150*-40 Southampton QC 32

All Time[edit]

Team Champions Runners-up 3rd place 4th place Top 4 App.
Oxford Radcliffe Chimeras 2 1 0 0 3
Velociraptors QC 2 0 1 0 3
London QC 1 0 0 0 0
Southampton QC 1 0 0 3 4
Warwick QC 0 2 0 0 2
Keele Squirrels 0 1 1 0 2
Brizzlebears 0 1 0 0 1
Werewolves of London 0 1 2 0 3
Bangor Broken Broomsticks 0 0 1 0 1
Durhamstrang 0 0 1 0 1
Loughborough Longshots 0 0 0 1 1
Nottingham Nightmares 0 0 0 1 1
Hollyrood Hippogriffs 0 0 0 1 1

First tournament, November 2013[edit]

The first British Quidditch Cup took place in Oxford, England on 9 and 10 November 2013.[1] Sixteen teams[2] from England, Scotland, Wales and Ireland competed over two days for the inaugural cup, playing in four groups of four with the highest placed eight going on to take part in the knock out format quarter finals, semi finals and the final.

Group stages[edit]

Seeding Team Seeding Team Seeding Team Seeding Team
1st Oxford Radcliffe Chimeras 1st Leicester Thestrals 1st Southampton QC 1st Bangor
2nd Nottingham Nightmares 2nd Oxford Quidlings 2nd Leeds Griffins 2nd Keele Squirrels
DNQ Keele Squirrels DNQ Norwich Nifflers DNQ St.Andrews Snidgets DNQ Holyrood Hippogriffs
DNQ Derby QC DNQ Chester Chasers DNQ Reading Rocs DNQ NUI Galway

DNQ= Did Not Qualify

Knockout stage scores[edit]

Leicester Thestrals 30
Keele Squirrels 80*
Keele Squirrels 80*
Bangor Broken Broomsticks 10
Bangor Broken Broomsticks 120*
Nottingham Nightmares 50
Keele Squirrels 60*
Oxford Radcliffe Chimeras 110
Oxford Radcliffe Chimeras 140*
Leeds Griffins 0
Oxford Radcliffe Chimeras 110*
Southampton QC 0 Third place
Southampton QC 100*
Oxford Quidlings 0
Southampton QC 40
Bangor Broken Broomsticks 60*

(*) indicates a snitch catch. Source

(^) indicates a snitch catch in overtime[3]

Final Positions[edit]

Overall, the winners were the Radcliffe Chimeras from Oxford University led by captain Ashley Cooper, with Keele Squirrels of Keele University taking the silver medals and the Bangor Broken Broomsticks from Bangor University taking the bronze medals.

Second tournament, March 2015[edit]

The second British Quidditch Cup took place on 7–8 March 2015. After five location bids were submitted in May–June 2014, the location for the tournament was narrowed down to the venues proposed by the Loughborough Longshots, Nottingham Nightmares and Norwich Nifflers. After much deliberation, site visits and further communication, the organising committee accepted the bid put forward by the Nightmares, resulting in the 23 teams competing at Wollaton Hall and Deer Park, Nottingham.[4]

Group stage results[edit]

Seeding Team Seeding Team Seeding Team Seeding Team
1st Keele Squirrels 1st Oxford Quidlings 1st Durhamstrang 1st Loughborough Longshots
2nd Derby QC 2nd Falmouth Falcons 2nd Nottingham Nightmares 2nd Cambridge QC
3rd Warwick QC 3rd Leicester Thestrals 3rd Bangor 3rd Southampton QC seconds
DNQ Reading Rocs DNQ Leads Griffins DNQ The Flying Chaucers DNQ Chester Chasers
Seeding Team Seeding Team
1st Radcliffe Chimeras 1st Southampton QC Firsts
2nd Bristol Brizzlepuffs 2nd London Unspeakables
DNQ Norwich Nifflers DNQ Holyrood Hippogriffs
DNQ St. Andrews Snidgets Withdrew Surrey Stags

DNQ= Did Not Qualify

Knockout stage results[edit]

Southampton QC 290*
London Unspeakables 10
Southampton QC 70*
Keele Squirrels 0
Leicester Thestrals 20
Keele Squirrels 110*
Southampton QC 120*^
Oxford Racliffe Chimeras 90
Oxford Radcliffe Chimeras 110*
Nottingham Nightmares 20
Oxford Radcliffe Chimeras 180*
Loughborough Longshots 50 Third place
Loughborough Longshots 120^
Falmouth Falcons 90*
Keele Squirrels 160*
Loughborough Longshots 130

Final standings[edit]

At the second British Quidditch cup Southampton Quidditch Club's first team claiming gold, Oxford Radcliffe Chimeras silver and the Keele Squirrels bronze.[5]

Position Team Stage Position Team Stage Position Team Stage
1st Southampton QC firsts Final 9th Durhamstrang R16 17th Holyrood Hippogriffs Group
2nd Oxford Radcliff Chimeras Final 10th Oxford Quidlings R16 18th Leeds Group
3rd Keele Squirrels Semis 11th Cambridge QC R16 19th Norwich Nifflers Group
4th Loughborough Longshots Semis 12th Derby R16 20th St Andrews Snidgets Group
5th Nottingham Nightmares Quarters 13th Bristol's Brizzlepuffs R16 21st Reading Rocs Group
6th London Unspeakables Quarters 14th Bangor R16 22nd Chester Group
7th Falmouth Quarters 15th Warwick QC R16 23rd The Flying Chaucers Group
8th Leicester Quarters 16th Southampton QC seconds R16 Withdrew Surrey Stags N/A

Third Tournament, March 2016[edit]

The third British Quidditch Cup took place at Rugeley Leisure Centre on the 19 and 20 March 2016.[6] 32 teams competed, with the first day involving 8 groups of 4 teams where the first two teams entered the upper bracket and the rest entered a lower bracket.[7] These two brackets were then played as knock-out stages on day two.

Group stage results[edit]

Seeding Team Seeding Team Seeding Team Seeding Team
1st Keele Squirrels 1st Oxford Radcliffe Chimeras 1st Warwick QC 1st BrizzleBears
2nd Bangor 2nd Holyrood hippogriffs firsts 2nd Derby QC 2nd Werewolves of London
3rd St. Andrews Snidgets 3rd Direwolves 3rd Oxford Quidlings 3rd Reading Rocs
4th Norwich Nifflers 4th Unspeakables 4th Southampton QC Seconds 4th Cambridge QC
Seeding Team Seeding Team Seeding Team Seeding Team
1st Southampton QC Firsts 1st Leicester Thestrals 1st Durhamstrang 1st Nottingham Nightmares
2nd Falmouth Falcons 2nd Loughborough 2nd Chester Centurions 2nd Leeds Griffins
3rd HogYork Horntails 3rd BrizzleBees 3rd Taxes QC 3rd Swansea
4th Manchester Manticores 4th The Flying Chaucers 4th Keele Krakens 4th Holyrood hippogriffs seconds

Knockout stage results[edit]

Upper bracket[edit]

Round of 16Quarter-finalsSemi-finalsFinal
Warwick QC 220*
Derby Union QC 20
Warwick QC 100
Leeds Griffins 40*
Brizzlebears 60
Leeds Griffins 120*
Warwick QC 130^
Nottingham Nightmares 100*
Nottingham Nightmares 140*
Bangor Broken Broomsticks 30
Nottingham Nightmares 200*
Keele Squirrels 50
Chester Centurions 30
Keele Squirrels 180*
Warwick QC 50
Radcliffe Chimeras 150*
Leicester Thestrals 40
Loughborough Longshots 70*
Loughborough Longshots 70
Radcliffe Chimeras 160*
Holyrood Hippogriffs Firsts 0
Radcliffe Chimeras 200*
Radcliffe Chimeras 130*
Durhamstrang 30 Third place
Southampton QC 90*
Falmouth Falcons 0
Southampton QC 60 Durhamstrang 100*
Durhamstrang 90* Nottingham Nightmares 90
Durhamstrang 90*
Werewolves of London 30

The third place match went to overtime without a snitch catch.

Consolation bracket[edit]

Round of 16Quarter-finalsSemi-finalsFinal
Taxes QC 240*
Holyrood Hippogriffs Seconds 10
Taxes QC 140*
London Unspeakables 40*
Brizzlebees 120*
Flying Chaucers 0
Taxes QC 140*
London Unspeakables 30
HogYork Horntails 150*
Keele Krakens 0
Brizlebees 90*
Cambridge 50
Swansea 100*
Manchester 20
Taxes 100
HogYork Horntails 140*
Reading Rocs 100*
Norwich Nifflers 60
HogYork Horntails 100*
St Andrews Snidgets 200
St Andrews Snidgets 70*
Southampton QC 2nds 60
Brizzlebees 50*
HogYork Horntails 130 Third place
Oxford Quidlings 30
Cambridge 110*
Swansea 130* Swansea 120
Reading Rocs 20 Brizzlebees 50*
Durham Direwolves 70
London Unspeakables 30

The third place match went to overtime without a snitch catch.

Final Standings[edit]

This tournament saw Oxford reclaiming gold, Warwick QC claiming silver, and the Durham's durhamstrang claiming bronze. The LB bracket was won by York university's HogYork Horntails with Taxes QC coming runners up.

Position Team stage Position Team stage Position Team stage Position Team stage
1st Oxford Chimeras Final 9th Leicester R16 17th HogYork Horntails LB finals 25th Durham Direwolves LB R16
2nd Warwick QC Final 10th Brizzlebears R16 18th Taxes LB Finals 26th Oxford Quidlings LB R16
3rd Durhamstrang Semis 11th Werewolves Of London R16 19th Swansea LB semis 27th Southampton QC seconds LB R16
4th Nottingham Nightmares Semis 12th Bangor R16 20th Brizzlebees LB semis 28th Norwich Nifflers LB R16
5th Southampton QC firsts Quarters 13th Chester R16 21st Reading Rocs LB Quarters 29th Manchester LB R16
6th Keele squirrels Quarters 14th Falmouth R16 22nd St Andrews Snidgets LB Quarters 30th The Flying Chaucers LB R16
7th Leeds Quarters 15th Edinburgh Firsts R16 23rd Cambridge QC LB Quarters 31st Keele Krakens LB R16
8th Loughborough Longshots Quarters 16th Derby R16 24th London Unspeakables LB Quarters 32nd Edinburgh Seconds LB R16

Fourth Tournament, March 2017[edit]

The fourth British cup took place at Rugeley leisure centre on 11–12 March 2017. the top 16 teams from the northern and southern regional tournaments competed, with the first day involving 8 groups of 4 teams where the top two teams entered the champions bracket and the others entered the consolation bracket.[8] These two brackets were then played as knock-out stages on day two.

Group stage results[edit]

Seeding Team Seeding Team Seeding Team Seeding Team
1st Velociraptors QC 1st London Unspeakables 1st Tornadoes QC 1st Werewolves of London
2nd Keele Squirrels 2nd Leicester Thestrals 2nd Oxford Radcliffe Chimeras 2nd Leeds Griffins
3rd Portsmouth Strikers 3rd Cambridge QC 3rd Chester Centurions 3rd Norwich Nifflers
4th BrizzleBees 4th Nottingham 4th Reading Rocs 4th Durham Direwolves
Seeding Team Seeding Team Seeding Team Seeding Team
1st Durhamstrang 1st BrizzleBears 1st Loughborough Longshots 1st Holyrood Hippogriffs firsts
2nd Southampton QC Firsts 2nd Bangor 2nd Swansea 2nd Warwick QC
3rd HogYork Horntails 3rd Exeter Eagles 3rd Derby 3rd Sheffield
4th Falmouth Falcons 4th Manchester Manticores 4th Oxford Quidlings 4th Southampton QC seconds

Knockout stage results[edit]

Champions bracket[edit]

Round of 16Quarter-finalsSemi-finalsFinal
Velociratpors 150*
Swansea 20
Velociraptors 80*
Warwick QC 20
London Unspeakables 40
Warwick QC 150*
Velociraptors 160*
Werewolves of London 40
Tornadoes 60*
Southampton QC Firsts 50
Tornadoes 30
Werewolves of London 150*
Werewolves of London 100*
Bangor 10
Velociraptors 260*
Brizzlebears 60
Durhamstrang 90*
Radcliffe Chimeras 10
Durhamstrang 60*
Brizzlebears 70
Brizzlebears 120*
Leeds 20
Brizzlebears 80*
Holyrood Hippogriffs Firsts 30 Third place
Loughborough Longshots 40
Keele Squirrels 90*
Keele Squirrels 70 Werewolves of London 120*
Holyrood Hippogriffs Firsts 190* Holyrood Hippogriffs Firsts 20
Holyrood Hippogriffs Firsts 120*
Leicester 50

(*) indicates snitch catch

Brizzlebears vs Durhamstrang went to double overtime with no snitch catch

Consolation bracket[edit]

Round of 16Quarter-finalsSemi-finalsFinal
Portsmouth 120*
Oxford Quidlings 10
Portsmouth 100*
cambridge 40
Cambridge 50*
SQC2 20
Portsmouth 20
Falmouth 120*
Chester 60
Falmouth 100*
Falmouth 120*
Manchester 30
Norwich 20
Manchester 170*
Falmouth 90*
HogYork 40
HogYork 210*
Reading 30
HogYork 120*
exeter 70
Exeter 230*
Durham direwolves 70
York 150*
Sheffield 60 Third place
Derby 80*
Brizzlebees 40
Derby 100* Portsmouth 140*
Sheffield 150 Sheffield 20
Sheffield 150*
Nottingham 40

Final standings[edit]

This tournament saw Velociraptors QC claiming gold, Bristol's Brizzlebears claiming silver, and the Werewolves of London claiming bronze. The consolation bracket was won by Falmouth Falcons with York university's HogYork Horntails coming runners up.

Position Team stage Position Team stage Position Team stage Position Team stage
1st Velociraptors QC Final 9th Loughborough Longshots R16 17th Falmouth Falcons Cons Final 25th Chester Cons R16
2nd Brizzlebears Final 10th Southampton QC 1sts R16 18th HogYork Cons final 26th Nottingham Nightmares Cons R16
3rd Werewolves of London Semis 11th Leeds R16 19th Portsmouth Cons Semis 27th Norwich Cons R16
4th Edinburgh 1st Semis 12th Oxford Chimeras R16 20th Sheffield Cons Semis 28th Southampton QC 2nds Cons R16
5th Durhamstrang Quarters 13th London Unspeakables R16 21st Exeter Eagles Cons Quarters 29th Oxford Quidlings Cons R16
6th Tornadoes QC Quarters 14th Swansea R16 22nd Cambridge Cons Quarters 30th Brizzlebees Cons R16
7th Warwick QC Quarters 15th Leicester R16 23rd Derby Cons Quarters 31st Durham Direwolves Cons R16
8th Keele squirrels Quarters 16th Bangor R16 24th Manchester Cons quarters 32nd Reading Rocs Cons R16


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