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Neoregelia Aztec.jpg
Neoregelia Aztec
Scientific classification e
Kingdom: Plantae
Clade: Tracheophytes
Clade: Angiosperms
Clade: Monocots
Clade: Commelinids
Order: Poales
Family: Bromeliaceae
Subfamily: Bromelioideae

Bromelioideae is a subfamily of the bromeliads (Bromeliaceae). This subfamily is the most diverse, represented by the greatest number of genera with 33, but the fewest species with 865. Most of the plants in this group are epiphytes, though some have evolved in, or will adapt to, terrestrial conditions. This subfamily features the most plant types which are commonly cultivated by people, including the pineapple.


The foliage in most Bromelioids grow to form a rosette where water is caught and stored. Their leaves are usually spined and they produce berry-like fruits in their blooms. These plants contain an inferior ovary.


The 33 genera are:

Image Genus Number of living species
Acanthostachys strobilacea 02.JPG Acanthostachys 2 species
Aechmea fasciata2.jpg Aechmea 255 species
Ananas comosus 06.JPG Ananas 2 species
Androlepis skinneri 20091211.jpg Androlepis 2 species
Araeococcus flagellifolius - pl 1.jpg Araeococcus 9 species
Billbergia nutans 6zz.jpg Billbergia 64 species
20120912 Bromelia humilis.jpg Bromelia 56 species
Canistropsis billbergioides cvCitron Nidularium billbergioides citrinumHabitusInflorescence BotGardBln091006e.jpg Canistropsis 11 species
20100513 Canistrum seidelianum.jpg Canistrum 13 species
Cryptanthus microglazioui (TS) 2-03388.jpg Cryptanthus 63 species
Deinacanthon 1 species
Bromeliad (Disteganthus gracieae) (39586155641).jpg Disteganthus 2 species
20100821 Edmundoa lindenii.jpg Edmundoa 3 species
Eduandrea 1 species
Fascicularia bicolor (hozdiamant) 001.jpg Fascicularia 1 species
Fernseea 2 species
Cryptanthus warasii 20090621.jpg Forzzaea 7 species
Greigia sphacelata 1.jpg Greigia 33 species
Hohenbergia stellata BotGardBln1105PartOfInflorescenceWithFlowers.jpg Hohenbergia 56 species
Hohenbergiopsis guatemalensis.jpg Hohenbergiopsis 1 species
Lymania smithii 3.jpg Lymania 9 species
Neoglaziovia variegata-IMG 6816.jpg Neoglaziovia 3 species
Montréal jardin botanique Neoregelia carolinae.jpg Neoregelia 112 species
Nidularium fulgens HabitusInflorescence BotGardBln090f6.JPG Nidularium 45 species
Ochagavia carnea 3.jpg Ochagavia 4 species
Orthophytum amoenum.jpg Orthophytum 53 species
Portea-petropolitana.jpg Portea 9 species
Pseudaechmea 1 species
Pseudananas sagenarius.jpg Pseudananas 1 species
Quesnelia testudo 20090207.jpg Quesnelia 20 species
Ronnbergia 14 species
Aechmea (or Ursulaea) mcvaughii (9301955053).jpg Ursulaea 2 species
Wittrockia cv Leopardinum BotGardBln07122011B.JPG Wittrockia 6 species