Brookside Park/Arroyo Terrace, Pasadena, California

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The Rose Bowl, at the center of Brookside Park

Brookside Park is a major neighborhood in Pasadena, California. Its northern end is sometimes called Arroyo Terrace. It is Pasadena's second largest neighborhood by area, and its second most sparsely populated. The neighborhood is bordered by Oak Grove Drive to the north, the Arroyo Seco Canyon wall to the south, Linda Vista Avenue to the West, and Forest and Rosemont Avenues to the East.


Gamble House was home to David B. Gamble of the Procter & Gamble company.
Rose Bowl Aquatics Center

The Arroyo Seco runs the length of the Brookside Park. At the very center of the neighborhood is the Rose Bowl, at the southern end is Brookside Park (the actual park) and the Gamble House, and at the northern end is the Brookside Golf Course. Colorado Street Bridges runs over Brookside Park.



Despite its odd shape, almost all of Brookside Park is served by Grover Cleveland Elementary School, Eliot and Washington Middle Schools, and John Muir High School. Chandler School is a private school in the neighborhood.


Brookside Park is served solely by Pasadena ARTS routes 51 and 52.