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Bruno Grollo (born 1942, Melbourne, Australia) is an Australian businessman.

Grollo Group project HM@S Apartment in No.1 Beach Street, Port Melbourne

Grollo headed the Australian construction company, Grocon, whose credits include the construction of the tallest buildings in Melbourne, Rialto Towers and Eureka Tower.[1] In 1999, Grollo's sons Adam and Daniel were instated as joint managing directors.[2][3] Today, Grocon employs a fluctuating workforce of 300 to 1200.[4]

Grollo proposed building the tallest building in the world, the Grollo Tower, but construction never commenced.[5]

In 2006, Grollo was listed in Forbes top 40 richest people in Australia and New Zealand.[6]

Luigi (Bruno's father), was an Italian immigrant who was faced with poverty when he first settled in Australia. The Italian immigrant started a concrete company that is known today as Grocon Construction. Grollo dropped out of school at fifteen years old to start his career in construction.[7] In late December 1994, Grollo's father Luigi Grollo—the patriarch and founder of the Grocon Construction Company—had died and left him and his brother, Rino Grollo, the two controlling heirs to his company.


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