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Bryn Jones discography
Studio albums124
Live albums1
Compilation albums18
Tribute albums3
Box sets3
Expanded reissues15
Compilation tracks42

This is a discography of electronic musician Bryn Jones as E.g Oblique Graph and Muslimgauze.[1][2]

Plain reissues and compilation tracks taken from albums are not included.

as E.g Oblique Graph[edit]

Year Title Label Note
1982 Extended Play Kinematograph Tapes
Piano Room
Triptych Recloose Organisation
1983 Inhalt Kinematograph Tapes
2002 Completely Oblique Pretentious
2006 Complete Oblique Vinyl On Demand reissue of above with an extra track
2011 2 Tracks The Muslimgauze Preservation Society promo CDr

as Muslimgauze[edit]

Studio albums[edit]

Year Title Label Note
1983 Kabul Product Kinematograph
1984 Hunting Out with an Aerial Eye Limited Editions
Buddhist on Fire Recloose Organisation
1985 Blinded Horses Limited Editions
1986 Flajelata
1987 Jazirat-Ul-Arab
Abu Nidal
Coup d'Etat Permis de Constuire
1988 The Rape of Palestine Limited Editions
1989 Uzi Parade Amoureuse
1990 Intifaxa Extreme
1991 United States of Islam
1992 Zul'm
1993 Vote Hezbollah Soleilmoon
Hamas Arc Staalplaat
Satyajit Eye
Veiled Sisters Soleilmoon
1994 Emak Bakia Concrete
Citadel Extreme
Zealot Staalplaat
Blue Mosque
Al-Zulfiquar Shaheed T.4
1995 Salaam Alekum, Bastard Soleilmoon
Maroon Staalplaat
Silknoose Daft
Izlamaphobia Staalplaat
1996 Gun Aramaic Soleilmoon
Gun Aramaic Part 2
Azzazin Staalplaat
Return of Black September
Occupied Territories
Re-Mixs Soleilmoon
Uzbekistani Bizzare and Souk Staalplaat
Arab Quarter Soleilmoon
Fatah Guerrilla Staalplaat
1997 Narcotic
City of Djinn Third Eye Music with The Rootsman
Jaal Ab Dullah Soleilmoon
Sandtrafikar Staalplaat
Zuriff Moussa
Farouk Enjineer Soleilmoon
1998 Vampire of Tehran Staalplaat
Lahore & Marseille Soleilmoon
Mort Aux Vaches Staalplaat
Mazar-I-Sharif Soleilmoon
Sonar Vs Muslimgauze Daft with Sonar
Mullah Said Staalplaat
In Search of Ahmad Shah Masood
Remixs Vol. 2 Soleilmoon
Fedayeen Staalplaat / EARLabs
Dark Thoughts D.O.R. with Apollon
Remixs Vol 3 Staalplaat
1999 Muslimgauze vs Species of Fishes Fishes with Species of Fishes
Hussein Mahmood Jeeb Tehar Gass Soleilmoon
Return to the City of Djinn Third Eye Music with The Rootsman
Observe with Sadiq Bey Staalplaat
Fakir Sind Soleilmoon
Hand of Fatima
Azad Staalplaat
Lo-Fi India Abuse BSI Records
Bass Communion V Muslimgauze Soleilmoon with Bass Communion
Year Zero D.O.R. with Apollon
2000 Sufiq Soleilmoon
Baghdad Staalplaat
New Soul 3rd Stone with Reverberation
Jebel Tariq Staalplaat / Pretentious
Your Mines in Kabul Staalplaat
Abu-Dis D.O.R.
2001 Muslimgauze Staalplaat
The Suns of Arqa Mixes Arka Sound with Suns of Arqa
Kashmiri Queens Staalplaat
Eye for an Eye
2002 Hummus Soleilmoon
Hamas Cinema Gaza Strip Staalplaat
Sarin Israel Nes Ziona
Dar Es Salaam Hidden Art
Veiled Sisters Remix Soleilmoon
2003 Iranair Inflight Magazine Staalplaat
Arabbox Soleilmoon
Dome of the Rock Ant-Zen
Red Madrassa Staalplaat
Alms for Iraq Soleilmoon
2005 No Human Rights for Arabs in Israel: The Remix Staalplaat
2006 Speaker of Turkish Soleilmoon
2008 Wish of the Flayed Muslimtapes
Jah-Mearab Staalplaat
2009 Sulaymaniyah
Sycophant of Purdah
Cobra Head Soup
Madrass Sitar Burner
2010 Babylon Iz Iraq Muslimtapes
Damascus Staalplaat
Lazhareem Ul Leper
Camel Through a Needles Eye The Muslimgauze Preservation Society
2011 Beirut Transister Staalplaat
On-line Jihad The Muslimgauze Preservation Society with The Rootsman
In Search of the Abraham Mosque
Fuck Israel with The Rootsman
2012 Souk Bou Saada Staalplaat
2013 Al Jar Zia Audio
Islamic Songs
Turkish Berlina
2014 Un-used Re-mix's 1994–1995
Trial Mixes 1997–1998 digitalDIZZY
2015 Feel the Hiss Staalplaat
Abyssinia Selasie
2016 Ali Zarin
Mohammad Ali Jinnah
2019 Shekel of Israeli Occupation Ultra-Mail Prod.
Babylon Is Iraq Staalplaat
Amahar Aquarellist with The Rootsman
Lalique Gadaffi Handgrenade Staalplaat
2020 Ryoji Ikeda Re-Mixs
Sadaam's Children
Techno Arabaqua
Arab American Radio
2021 Muslimgauze vs Celtarabia Aquarellist with Celtarabia

Live albums[edit]

Year Title Label
2021 Live Staalplaat

EPs and singles[edit]

Year Title Label Note
1983 Hammer & Sickle Hessian
1988 Iran Staaltape
1990 "Death of Saint Jarnaii Singh Bindranwaie" Minus Habens Records split with F:A.R.
1992 Bhutto Extreme
1993 Red Crescent Part 3 The Way Out Sound
1994 Infidel Extreme
Nile Quartra Jara Discs
Hebron Massacre Soleilmoon
Drugsherpa Staalplaat
1995 Nadir of Purdah Jara Discs
No Human Rights for Arabs in Israel Staalplaat
1996 Bandit Queen E.P. Pi TB
Minaret-Speaker Staalplaat
untitled Syntactic
Zealot Staalplaat
1997 Gulf Between Us Soleilmoon
"Under the Burka (GIA mix)" Anathor split with Les Joyaux De La Princesse
1998 Uzi Mahmood Soleilmoon
Melt Staalplaat / Pretentious
1999 Port Said
Iranian Female Olympic Table Tennis Team Theme Staalplaat
At the City of the Dead BSI Records with Systemwide
2000 Unfinished Mosque Staalplaat
Ayatollah Dollar
Nommos' Return BSI Records with Systemwide
Bass Communion V Muslimgauze EP Soleilmoon with Bass Communion
2002 Al-Aqsa Intifada Third Eye Music with The Rootsman
2003 From the Edge Chlorophyll Records
2011 A.P Reworks Muslimgauze Staalplaat remixes by Anders Peterson
untitled The Muslimgauze Preservation Society promo CDr, with The Rootsman
Palestina Cache promo CDr
2012 Analog Zikr promo cassette
2016 "Untitled 1985" Optimo Trax split with Underspreche
2020 A.P Reworks Two Staalplaat remixes by Anders Peterson

Box sets[edit]

Year Title Label Note
1998 Tandoori Dog Staalplaat
1999 Box of Silk and Dogs
2014 Chasing the Shadow of Bryn Jones 1983–1988 Vinyl On Demand includes Chasing the Shadow of Bryn Jones book


Year Title Artist Label
2001 Muslimgauze – Listmembers Originals various artists Open Circuit
2002 El Tafkeera: Re-Mixs in Remembrance of Muslimgauze various artists sublevel9 studios
2007 Palestine Pacific 231, Rapoon Old Europa Cafe

Compilation albums[edit]

Year Title Label Note
1988 untitled Soleilmoon
1989 Uzi Parade Amoureuse
1992 Coup d'Etat / Abu Nidal Soleilmoon
1997 Beyond the Blue Mosque Staalplaat
1998 Azure Deux
1999 Speaking with Hamas
2000 The Inspirational Sounds of Muslimgauze Universal Egg
2002 Chapter of Purity Tantric Harmonies
2003 Classics Selection BSI Records with Systemwide, Sound Secretion
Re-Mixs 1 + 2 Soleilmoon
2006 BCVSMGCD with Bass Communion
2008 Nadir of Purdah Tantric Harmonies / Aquarellist
Armsbazzar Essence
2011 From the Edge (Deluxe Edition) The Muslimgauze Preservation Society
2012 Martyr Shrapnel
2014 A Putrid Oasis Vinyl On Demand / Soleilmoon included with Chasing the Shadow of Bryn Jones book
2020 Khan Younis Other Voices

Expanded reissues[edit]

Year Title Label Note
2000 Untitled Klanggalerie originally released as a 7″ on Syntactic
2004 No Human Rights for Arabs in Israel Vivo / The Label originally released as a 10″ on Staalplaat
Syrinjia Soleilmoon originally released as a 12″
From the Edge Azra / Chlorophyll Records originally released as a 12″
2007 Suns of Arqa Re-mixs Muslimgauze Soleilmoon originally released as an edited version on Arka Sound
Muslimgauze vs Species of Fishes Tourette originally released as an edited version on Species of Fishes
2008 Jaagheed Zarb Staalplaat originally part of Tandoori Dog
2009 Uzi Mahmood Soleilmoon originally released as a 12″
2013 Tandoor Dog Staalplaat originally part of Tandoori Dog
Drugsherpa originally released as a 3″ CD
2014 Deceiver Vol. 3 & 4 Vol. 3 originally part of Box of Silk and Dogs
2015 Minaret Speaker originally released as a 7″
Libya Tour Guide originally part of Tandoori Dog
2016 Jerusalaam
2019 Azzazin originally released as separate CD and 10″


Year Track(s) Title Artist Label
1996 "Chilled No.6" Golden Star Nonplace Urban Field Incoming!
"Babylon Iz Iraq" Rewound + Rerubbed Unitone HiFi
1997 "Punished for Being Born (Muslimgauze mix)" Dry Cleaning Ray No-Man 3rd Stone
"Western Sahara (Revolutionary mix)" Out of the Darkness: The Rootsman Remixed The Rootsman Third Eye Music
"Luxor (Brotherhood mix)"
1998 "Baraca (Muslimgauze – Izlamic Zpain mix)" En-Co-D-Esplendor Esplendor Geometrico Gift
"Muslim Profit (Muslim Gauze mix)" Remixes Vol. 2 & 3 Suns of Arqa Echo Beach
"Gavati Version (Muslim/Zombie mix)"
"Muslim Dub (Muslim Gauze mix)"
"Cheb Ragga (Mutagenic mix)" The Final Frontier: The Rootsman Remixed The Rootsman Third Eye Music
"Bad Boy Business (Rough Neck mix)"
"The Advantgardist (Muslimgauze remix) Where's the Funk? Doppler 20:20 D.O.R.
1999 "Infinite Luke Warm Vibe" Mind the Gap 25 Luke Vibert Gonzo Circus
"Untitled (Muslimgauze Red Madrassa Rmx)" Печки и Почень DJ Compass-Vrubell Citadel

Compilation tracks[edit]

Year Track(s) Title Label Note
1984 "Execute the Monkey" Not by Chance Frux
"The Asphalt Jungle" Film Noir: American Style Ding Dong Records and Tapes
"Sakharov" Born Out of Dreams Frux
"Metropolis" The Last Supper Adventures in Reality
"Dissidents" Life at the Top Third Mind Records
1985 "Sudanese Amputate the Hands of Thieves" Terra Incognita Vol. 1 Auxilio De Cientos
"Unwelcome Visitors" Hits $ Corruption Hits $ Corruption
1986 "New Delhi Flogging" Songs from the New International Recloose Organisation
1987 "Green Is the Colour of the Prophet" [remix] Nightlands: A Final Image Nocturnal Compilation Final Image
1989 "Gulf War" A Conclusion of Unrestrained Philosophy Livevil Compact Discs
"Gulf-War (remix)" Provoke N° 3 IMC
1990 "Live Excerpt" Arrythmia – A Collection of Percussion and Rhythm Charnel Music
"Hashishiya" Sonic Exhibition 2 NOP International
"Hassan in Fez (extract)" Notre Dame 5 EE Tapes
1991 "United States of Islam (Syria mix)" A Persons Healthy Guide to Listening Regelwidrig
"Y.A." Project 91 Concrete Productions
"Shiva" X-X Section Extreme
"Sounds Effect" Cénotaphe Les Nouvelles Propagandes
1992 "Iran" Journey into Pain Beast 666 Tapes
"Zarm" Hare, Hunter, Field: The Secret Passion of Rudolph Peterson Johnny Blue with Hesskhe Yadalanah
1994 "Thief Severed Hand" Impulse #4 Impulse Magazine
"Iraqi Opal" Ophir Désaccord Majeur
"Khan Younis" [version] Le Sacre Du Printemps Gonzo Circus
1995 "Sarin and Tabun" [version] Bizarre 8 Bizarre
1996 "Kaliskinazure" Sonderangebot Staalplaat
1997 "Exit Afghanistan" Untitled (Ten) Extreme
1998 "Uzi Mahmood (Trick Start version)" Wreck This Mess: Remission 1 Noise Museum
"Viva Hamas" Dub Zap Pro Staalplaat
1999 "Trialmix" Marconi Point Iris Light Records
"Because He Had a Moustache & Beard They Thought He Was an Arab" They've Got the Whole World in Their Hands Methods to Survive Network System
"Abu Kaff, Your Guide Around the West Bank Bedouin Shack"
2000 "Devour" High Density.1 Law & Auder
"Army of Females Wearing Latex Gadaffi Masks" East Westercism Volume 3
"Untitled" Docking Sequence: BSI Campaign Vol. 1 BSI Records
"Zeila Djibout" Antena Krzyku 5/2000 Antena Krzyku
2003 "Untitled 3" Danza De La Muerte (R.I.P. Syntactic) Klanggalerie / Syntactic with Ah Cama-Sotz
2004 "Gold Sutra" Colors Music: Ottomanic IRMA Records
2007 "Zeila Djibouti Remix" Listen to Something Different Ars Macabre
"Zahal End" Post-Asiatic: Lost War Dream Music URCKarm Recordings


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