Budha Subba Temple

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Budha Subba Temple
Budha Subba Temple
Budha Subba Temple
Budha Subba Temple is located in Nepal
Budha Subba Temple
Location in Nepal
Coordinates 26°49′12″N 87°18′00″E / 26.820°N 87.30°E / 26.820; 87.30Coordinates: 26°49′12″N 87°18′00″E / 26.820°N 87.30°E / 26.820; 87.30
Country Nepal
District Sunsari District
Location Dharan - 14
Dharan city view from Budha Subba height

Budha Subba Temple or Budha Subba (Nepali: बुढा सुब्बा) is a famous religious shrine of the eastern people of Nepal which is located at Bijayapur of Dharan, Nepal.[1][2][3] It is believed to fulfil wishes and bring good luck to the people who visit there.


Budha Subba Temple is located about 136 mi (or 220 km) South-East of Kathmandu, the country's capital city.[4]


Budha Subba temple is also the tomb of the last Limbu King of Morang Kingdom of Limbuwan Present day Nepal, Budhhi Karna Raya Khewang . He was tricked into coming to Bijaypur-Dharan for a negotiation, then killed by the assassins of King Prithvi Narayan Shah of Gorkha Kingdom Present day Nepal. Budhhi Karna Raya Khewang's soul is believed to have wandered around the area of his tomb around Bijaypur and was said to be a friendly and helpful spirit. Then local Limbu people started worshipping the soul as an old king (Subba or Haang means King in Limbu language / ᤕᤠᤰᤌᤢᤱ ᤐᤠᤣ) believing it to be bring good luck. Bijaypur-Dharan was the capital city of the Morang and the political and economic centre of Limbuwan region.