Nateshwori Temple

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Nateshwori Temple
नाटेश्वरी मन्दिर
LocationTriveni Municipality

The Nateshwori Temple (Nepali: नाटेश्वरी मन्दिर) is a Hindu temple of Devi Vagawoti located in the far-west region of Nepal Seti Zone Bajura Kailashmandu-03.[1] This temple is one of the sacred temples of Hindu faith.[2]


The temple considered as the open-air dancing theatre of Lord Shiva-Parvati,[citation needed] also pronounced locally as नाचन्थली ( नाच:Dance थली: Theater ). This "extensive Hindu temple build in Pagoda style is worshiped mainly for Devi Vagawoti, Dhalpura Devi and Kalika Devi.


Inside this temple there is the main Temple of Devi-Vagawoti and a Temple of Dhalpura Devi . PhotoCredit:ParasBickramShah

The major festivals of the temple are Janai Purnima and Chaite Dashain on the very day devotees form all over Nepal and also from India come to visit.

Though situated on the lap of Badimalika, this temple (नाटेश्वरी) is considered as the belongings (elder sister) of Malika Devi.[who?] Rituals of Nateshwori are carried out by two sets of priests; one being the Thakuri priests and other the Bhramin Joshi . Shahi Thakuri of Khirpata and Joshi Bhramin of Belkatte are the ones who performs the ritual and can touch the deity.This temple is opened only during big festivals and on other few special days, the daily rituals of the temple are performed in the Bhandarghar (भण्डारघर) in Thakurbada (ठकुरवाडा) by Shahi Thakuri priests.


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