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Bund, BUND, or the Bund may refer to:



  • The Bund, a waterfront area in Shanghai, China
  • The Old Bund, a waterfront area in Ningbo, China

TV series and films named after the Bund of Shanghai[edit]


  • Károly Bund (1869–1931), Hungarian forestry engineer and early environmentalist
  • Lisa Bund (born 1988), German pop singer

Other uses[edit]

  • Bundesanleihe, German government-issued bonds, commonly referred to as "the Bund" or "Bunds"
  • Bunding, a structure designed to prevent inundation or breaches in construction
  • Der Bund, a German-language newspaper published in Bern, Switzerland
  • Bundism, a Jewish socialist and secular movement founded in the Russian Empire in 1897
  • The Bund, a fictional refuge for vampires in the manga series Dance in the Vampire Bund