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Bung Bong township
Bung Bong township is located in Shire of Central Goldfields
Bung Bong township
Bung Bong township
Coordinates 37°06.203862′S 143°33.679002′E / 37.103397700°S 143.561316700°E / -37.103397700; 143.561316700Coordinates: 37°06.203862′S 143°33.679002′E / 37.103397700°S 143.561316700°E / -37.103397700; 143.561316700
Postcode(s) 3465
State electorate(s) Ripon
Federal Division(s) Bendigo, Wannon

Bung Bong is a (now deserted) township in Victoria between the rural towns of Avoca and Maryborough. The township is divided, with one half in Pyrenees Shire and the other half in Shire of Central Goldfields. The Bet Bet Creek (which separates the two Shires) runs towards the north through the middle of the township and then into the Loddon River. Bung Bong is located on the Pyrenees Highway

Bung Bong is also a region, which has a large range of native flora and fauna,[1][2] South-East of the township is the Bung Bong Nature Conservation Reserve which is used by bush walkers and bird watchers.[3][4]


In 1878 the Bung Bong Farmers' Club held their first "ploughing match". There were 18 entries in the competition to plough, "virgin soil, of a rich chocolate colour". It was reported, "that although the ploughmen were new to competitive trials, they showed by the excellence of their work their fitness for their calling."[5] For the 1886 (and ninth) ploughing match there were 22 entries. It was held on the Abbott property, half a mile from the Bung Bong railway station ( Coordinates 37°03′16.4″S 143°36′26.9″E / 37.054556°S 143.607472°E / -37.054556; 143.607472 ) and "the attendance was large". This time, 10 entrants used double furrow ploughs with one entrant, "exhibiting Gilsman's patent rotary harrows, which attracted great attention, and were pronounced excellent implements".[6]

Local volunteers[7] have fought major bushfires in the region in December 1880,[8] January 1881,[9] January 1985[10][11] and the Black Saturday bushfires in 2009.[12]

Bung Bong horse, Richmond Lass, won 31 races and went on to win the 1969 Inter Dominion Pacing Championship.[13] The horse was owned by Fred Miller of Richmond House.[10]


Copies of the land titles for the Bung Bong township, located on what subsequently became the Pyrenees Highway, at the Bet Bet Creek, for 1863 and for 1873 are available.[14] The township area is now designated as the Bung Bong Streamside Reserve.[15]

At the Bung Bong township, the old Glenmona Bridge was built over the Bet Bet Creek in 1871 and is the third oldest of its type in Victoria, (after the Hawthorn Bridge and the Redesdale Bridge). Its location is directly south of the new bridge over the Bet Bet on the Pyrenees Highway.[11]

Bung Bong Post Office opened on 1 February 1864 and closed in 1961.[16]

The disused 1876 Anglican Church on the Pyrenees Highway ( Coordinates 37°5.8405′S 143°34.1539′E / 37.0973417°S 143.5692317°E / -37.0973417; 143.5692317 ) is a popular stopping place for caravans.[17]

The Pyrenees Shire Council has documented a number of significant properties in the Bung Bong - Homebush region in the Avoca Heritage Study: 1864 - 1994 - Volume 3.[18]


On the now disused Avoca railway line, ballast was loaded at Bung Bong, to the north of the town. In 2017, there is a proposal entitled the, Murray Basin rail project designed to link Mildura to Portland with standard gauge track to carry grain and mineral sands. This upgrading will include the Maryborough to Ararat section of the line, past the site of the disused Bong Bong station.[19][20][21]

Wareek, Bung Bong Cemetery[edit]

Wareek Bung Bong cemetery.jpg

The cemetery is located at 413 Bung Bong-Rathscar Rd, Wareek VIC 3465. ( Coordinates 37°02.549′S 143°35.152′E / 37.042483°S 143.585867°E / -37.042483; 143.585867 ) and in 2017 is being upgraded by the community with new fences and facilities.

Information on the interments,[22] with more details and images of the headstones - here.[23]

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