Bururi Province

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Bururi Province
Burundi - Bururi.svg
Country  Burundi
Capital Bururi
 • Total 2,456.12 km2 (948.31 sq mi)
Population (2008 census)
 • Total 574,013
 • Density 230/km2 (610/sq mi)

Bururi Province is one of the eighteen provinces of Burundi. It was formerly Burundi's largest province until the communes of Burambi, Buyengero and Rumonge were transferred to the province of Rumonge when it was created in 2015.[1]


The provincial capital is Bururi. Bururi Province is home to the Bururi Forest Nature Reserve, a remnant Afromontane tropical forest. The Ruvyironza River, which rises in Bururi Province, is the southernmost source of the Nile.

Bururi is famous for the number of military and political leaders to have been born there, including three consecutive presidents following the country's independence.


It is divided administratively into the following communes:


Coordinates: 3°53′49″S 29°34′40″E / 3.89694°S 29.57778°E / -3.89694; 29.57778