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Buster may refer to:



First name[edit]


  • Budd Buster (1891-1965), American actor known for B western films
  • John Buster (born 1941), American physician, director of the team that performed the first embryo transfer resulting in a live birth in 1984

Stage name[edit]

  • Buster Bloodvessel (real name Douglas Trendle) (born 1958), English singer of the ska revival band Bad Manners
  • Buster Brown (musician) (1911–1976), American blues and R&B singer, real name possibly Buster Brown
  • Buster Keaton (1895-1966), American actor and stunt performer (real name Joseph Frank Keaton)
  • Buster Larsen, Danish comic film and television actor born Axel Landing Larsen (1920–1993)
  • Buster Poindexter, a pseudonym of singer David Johansen (born 1950)
  • Prince Buster, Jamaican musician Cecil Bustamente Campbell (1938–2016)
  • Dolly Buster, film producer and director, actress, author, and former porn star Kateřina Nora Baumberger (born 1969)

In film and television[edit]

In cartoons and computer games[edit]


  • Buster (band), an English rock band, formed in Wirral, near Liverpool in 1974
  • Buster (dog), a dog belonging to Roy Hattersley, who has published his diaries (ghost written by Hattersley)
  • Buster, a multiservice tactical brevity code signaling an aircraft pilot to use maximum continuous power
  • The Amiga custom computer chip "Buster"
  • Buster, a version of the Raspian operating system

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