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Button Nose
(Yume no Hoshi no Boton Nōzu)
Anime television series
Directed byMasami Hata
Toshio Takeuchi
Katsuhisa Yamada
Kazuyuki Hirokawa
Music byKohei Tanaka
English version:
Shuki Levy & Kussa Mahchi
Original networkTV Asahi
English network
Original run 19 October 1985 26 April 1986
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Button Nose (夢の星のボタンノーズ, Yume no Hoshi no Boton Nōzu, also known as Dream-Star Button Nose) is a 26-episode Japanese animated TV series that aired from 19 October 1985 to 26 April 1986. It was animated by Topcraft and it was the first TV series produced by Sanrio.

An English dub was produced by Saban in 1994.


The series focused on Button Nose, a little girl who had been left in charge of her home while her parents were away. One night, a robot came to her house to pick up some strawberries. When Button Nose saw his spaceship, she accidentally started it and landed on his home planet. Coincidentally, the king of the planet happened to be a relative of hers and invited her to stay on the planet.

When the king fell sick, Button Nose went out to find a cure. While he recovered, Button Nose was made temporary ruler of his kingdom. After the king got better, he went on a trip around the universe, leaving Button Nose in charge until the end of the series.

Voice Actors[edit]

Figure Voice Actor in "BN"
Button Nose Rebecca Olkowski
Malcom Sy Prescott
Countess Upstuck Morgan Lofting
Scooter & Martha Barbara Goodson
Prince Perry Wendee Lee
Rudy, Alicia & Howie Julie Maddalena
Benny & Bernie Steve Kramer
King Krumpet Mike Reynolds



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