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Origin Seoul, Republic of Korea
Genres Pop, rock
Years active 2003–2006, 2014-present
Labels Santa Music
Members Yoon Woo Hyun(윤우현)
Min Kyung-hoon (민경훈)
Son Sung Hee(손성희)
Kim Ye Jun(김예준)
Sin Jun Ki(신준기)
Past members Na Do Kyun (나도균)
Min Dae Hong (민대홍)

Buzz (버즈) is an all-male South Korean rock, pop band. Their music largely consists of both plaintive rock-ballads such as "Coward" (겁쟁이), though moderately melodic, driving rock songs such as "Leaving on a Journey to Me" (나에게로 떠나는 여행) reminiscent of German Neue Deutsche Welle are also to be heard among their more popular songs. All of their songs are sung in Korean with a smattering of English phrases, as is common in Korean pop music.

Their song "Gliding" (활주) was used as the Korean opening to the popular Japanese anime, Naruto. Their song "Fighting Spirit" (투지) was also used as another Korean opening to Naruto.

In July 2007 the band officially went on hiatus as four of the band members began to, or had already begun to serve the 26 month mandatory service in the South Korean Army required of all South Korean men. Min Kyung-hoon, the vocalist of the group will proceed in a solo career while the anticipated fourth album is due to be completed once the band complete their duties. A new vocalist will be auditioned at a later stage. After leaving the group, member Na Do Kyun debuted with HISTORY, a male group under LOEN Entertainment.[1]

Their major success of 2006 is marked by reaching the MTV-Korea top 10 list in a mere week, with 3 of their songs, consecutively- My Love, My Darling, and 남자를 몰라 (Confusion About Men). Also, 은인 made it to the top 14 list. There are scandals among fans that in the 2006 winter discography awards in Korea, that their songs were not considered by the officials for they were a group which worked its way to the top, unlike many other singers/groups and that they did not "pay up".

Personal life[edit]

Yoon Woo Hyun,who plays guitar in Buzz, recently went out with Rumble Fish's vocalist Choi Jin Yi(최진이). They composed the theme song for the SBS drama 《장옥정, 사랑에 살다》 together.

Son Sung Hee and Shin Joon Ki organized a rock band named '4th FLOOR'. [2]



  • Min Kyung-hoon (민경훈) - main vocalist
  • Kim Ye-joon (김예준) - leader, drummer
  • Shin Joon-ki (신준기) - bassist
  • Son Sung-hee (손성희) - guitarist
  • Yoon Woo-hyun (윤우현) - guitarist


Buzz has sold about a million albums in South Korea and Japan.

Volume 1 [1집] Morning of Buzz
No. Title Length
1. "Monologue"  
2. "어쩌면..."  
3. "1st"  
4. "B612"  
5. "The..."  
6. "사랑 뒤의 사랑"  
7. "약속"  
8. "어느 소녀의 희망"  
9. "잘 살아요"  
10. "가버려!"  
11. "It's U"  
12. "To.FAN"  
13. "Morning of Buzz"  
Volume 2 [2집] Effect
No. Title Length
1. "겁쟁이"  
2. ""  
3. "1st"  
4. "거짓말"  
5. "나에게로 떠나는 여행"  
6. "Funny Rock"  
7. "내가 아니죠"  
8. "가시"  
9. "비망록"  
10. "Tomorrow"  
11. "일기"  
Volume 3 [3집] Perfect
No. Title Length
1. "Intro"  
2. "My Darling (End)"  
3. "My Love (And)"  
4. "은인"  
5. "약자의 눈물"  
6. "행복하세요"  
7. "남자를 몰라"  
8. "Go Away"  
9. "일년쯤이면"  
10. "미완예찬"  
11. "Reds, go together"  
12. "우리 이별앞에 지지말아요 (세상의 한 사람)"  
Volume 4 [4집] Memorize
No. Title Length
1. "Memorize"  
2. "Train"  
3. "안녕"  
4. "나무"  
5. "Good Day"  
6. "그대여"  
7. "그림자"  
8. "8년만의 여름"  
9. "너는 나의 꽃이야"  
10. "나무 (Original Ver.)"  
11. "Star"  
Title Length
"가난한 사랑"
"사랑은 가슴이 시킨다"
"사랑은 가슴이 시킨다2"
"8년만의 여름"
Anime music
Title Length
"브리스톨 탐험대"


Mnet Asian Music Awards[edit]

Year Category Work Result
2004 Best New Group Video "Monologue"[3] Nominated
2005 Best Male Group "Coward" (겁쟁이)[4][5] Nominated
Best Rock Performance Won
2006 Artist of the Year "You Don't Know Man"[6][7] Nominated
Song of the Year Nominated
Best Group Nominated
Best Rock Performance Won


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