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Type Proposed television channel
Country Canada
Availability National
Owner Canadian Broadcasting Corporation (Government of Canada)
Launch date
Never aired

CBC Television 2 and Télé-2 were proposed second television services to be operated by the Canadian Broadcasting Corporation (CBC)/Société Radio-Canada (SRC). These were to have been the Canadian equivalents to BBC Two in the United Kingdom, itself the second television channel of the BBC.

The CBC-SRC made a formal application to the Canadian Radio-television and Telecommunications Commission (CRTC) in August 1980 for a licence to create a network that would replay programming in English and French (Télé-2).

The CRTC denied the CBC's applications.

The corporation had proposed that CBC-2 would:

  • be non-commercial
  • be a basic, must-carry service
  • be programming from CBC and provincial educational broadcasters
  • feature regional programming broadcast to a national audience
  • feature arts and culture, drama, news


Printed documents, reference information (not available electronically)

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