Children's Book of the Year Award: Older Readers

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Children's Book of the Year Award: Older Readers
Awarded forOutstanding Australian books (fiction, drama, illustrated text, poetry or graphic novels) for 13 - 18 year olds
Presented byChildren's Book Council of Australia
First awarded1946

The Children's Book of the Year Award: Older Readers has been presented annually since 1946 by the Children's Book Council of Australia (CBCA). Note: from 1946 to 1986 this award was known as "Book of the Year".

The Award "will be made to outstanding books of fiction, drama, or poetry which require of the reader a degree of maturity to appreciate the topics, themes and scope of emotional involvement. Generally, books in this category will be appropriate in style and content for readers in their secondary years of schooling."[1]

Award winners[edit]


Year Author Title Publisher
2018[2] Cath Crowley, Fiona Wood and Simmone Howell Take Three Girls Pan Macmillan
2017[3] Claire Zorn One Would Think the Deep University of Queensland Press
2016 Fiona Wood Cloudwish Macmillan Australia
2015 Claire Zorn The Protected University of Queensland Press
2014 Fiona Wood Wildlife Pan MacMillan
2013 Margo Lanagan Sea Hearts Allen & Unwin
2012 Scot Gardner The Dead I Know Allen & Unwin
2011 Sonya Hartnett The Midnight Zoo Viking Books
2010 David Metzenthen Jarvis 24 Penguin Group


Year Author Title Publisher
2009 Shaun Tan Tales from Outer Suburbia Allen and Unwin
2008 Sonya Hartnett The Ghost's Child Viking Books
2007 Margo Lanagan Red Spikes Allen and Unwin
2006 J. C. Burke The Story of Tom Brennan Random House
2005 Michael Gerard Bauer The Running Man Omnibus Books
2004 Melina Marchetta Saving Francesca Viking Books
2003 Markus Zusak The Messenger Macmillan Publishers
2002 Sonya Hartnett Forest Viking Books
2001 Judith Clarke Wolf on the Fold Allen and Unwin
2000 Nick Earls 48 Shades of Brown Penguin Books


Year Author Title Publisher
1999 Phillip Gwynne Deadly, Unna? Penguin Books
1998 Catherine Jinks Eye to Eye Puffin Books
1997 James Moloney A Bridge to Wiseman's Cove University of Queensland Press
1996 Catherine Jinks Pagan's Vows Omnibus Books
1995 Gillian Rubinstein Foxspell Hyland House
1994 Isobelle Carmody (joint) The Gathering Penguin Books
Gary Crew (joint) Angel's Gate Heinemann
1993 Melina Marchetta Looking for Alibrandi Puffin Books
1992 Eleanor Nilsson The House Guest Viking Books
1991[4] Gary Crew Strange Objects Heinemann
1990 Robin Klein Came Back to Show You I Could Fly Viking Books


Year Author Title Publisher
1989 Gillian Rubinstein Beyond the Labyrinth Hyland House
1988 John Marsden So Much to Tell You Joy Street Books
1987 Simon French All We Know Angus and Robertson
1986 Thurley Fowler The Green Wind Rigby
1985 James Aldridge The True Story of Lilli Stubeck Hyland House
1984 Patricia Wrightson A Little Fear Hutchinson
1983 Victor Kelleher Master of the Grove Kestrel Books
1982 Colin Thiele The Valley Between Opal Books
1981 Ruth Park Playing Beatie Bow Nelson Books
1980 Lee Harding Displaced Person Hyland House


Year Author Title Publisher
1979 Ruth Manley, illustrated by Marianne Yamaguchi The Plum-Rain Scroll Hodder and Stoughton
1978 Patricia Wrightson The Ice is Coming Hutchinson
1977 Eleanor Spence, illustrated by Malcolm Green The October Child Oxford University Press
1976[5] Ivan Southall Fly West Angus and Robertson
1975[6] No award
1974[7] Patricia Wrightson The Nargun and the Stars Hutchinson
1973[8] Noreen Shelley, illustrated by Robert Micklewright Family at The Lookout Oxford University Press
1972[9] H. F. Brinsmead Longtime Passing Angus and Robertson
1971[10] Ivan Southall Bread and Honey Angus and Robertson
1970[11] Annette Macarthur-Onslow Uhu Ure Smith


Year Author Title Publisher
1969[12] Margaret Balderson, illustrated by Victor G. Ambrus When Jays Fly to Barbmo Oxford University Press
1968[13] Ivan Southall, illustrated by Jennifer Tuckwell To the Wild Sky Angus and Robertson
1967[14] Mavis Thorpe Clark, illustrated by Genevieve Melrose The Min-Min Lansdowne Press
1966[15] Ivan Southall, illustrated by Clem Seale Ash Road Angus and Robertson
1965[16] H. F. Brinsmead, illustrated by Annette Macarthur-Onslow Pastures of the Blue Crane Oxford University Press
1964[17] Eleanor Spence, illustrated by Geraldine Spence The Green Laurel Oxford University Press
1963[18] Joan Phipson, illustrated by Margaret Horder The Family Conspiracy Constable
1962[19] L. H. Evers The Racketty Street Gang Hodder & Stoughton
Joan Woodberry Rafferty Rides a Winner M. Parrish, London
1961[20] Nan Chauncy, illustrated by Brian Wildsmith Tangara Oxford University Press
1960[21] Kylie Tennant, illustrated by Clem Seale All the Proud Tribesmen Macmillan


Year Author Title Publisher
1959[22] Nan Chauncy, illustrated by Geraldine Spence Devil's Hill Oxford University Press
John Gunn, illustrated by Brian Keogh Sea Menace Constable
1958[23] Nan Chauncy Tiger in the Bush Oxford University Press
1957[24] Enid Moodie Heddle (ed.), illustrated by Nancy Parker The Boomerang Book of Legendary Tales Longmans Green
1956[25] Patricia Wrightson, illustrated by Margaret Horder The Crooked Snake Angus and Robertson
1955[26] Norman B. Tindale & Harold Arthur Lindsay, illustrated by Madeleine Boyce The First Walkabout Longmans Green
1954[27] K. Langloh Parker, edited by Henrietta Drake-Brockman, illustrated by Elizabeth Durack Australian Legendary Tales Angus and Robertson
1953[28] James H. Martin and W. D. Martin Aircraft of Today and Tomorrow Angus and Robertson
Joan Phipson, illustrated by Margaret Horder Good Luck to the Rider Angus and Robertson
1952[29] Eve Pownall, illustrated by Margaret Senior The Australia Book John Sands
1951[30] Ruth C. Williams, illustrated by Rhys Williams Verity of Sydney Town Angus and Robertson
1950[31] Alan J. Villiers, illustrated by Charles Pont Whalers of the Midnight Sun Angus and Robertson


Year Author Title Publisher
1949 No competition
1948[32] Frank Hurley Shackleton's Argonauts : A Saga of the Antarctic Icepacks Angus and Robertson
1947[33] No award
1946[34] Leslie Rees, illustrated by Walter Cunningham The Story of Karrawingi the Emu John Sands

Commended books[edit]


Year Author Title Publisher
1973[8] Meredith Hooper Everyday Inventions Hutchinson
Patricia Wrightson An Older Kind of Magic Angus and Robertson
1972[9] David Martin Hughie Nelson
Christobel Mattingley The Windmill at Magpie Creek Brockhampton Press
1971[10] George Finkel James Cook, Royal Navy Angus and Robertson
Hui-min Lo The Story of China Angus and Robertson
Lilith Norman Climb a Lonely Hill Collins
1970[11] Diedre Hill Over the Bridge Hutchinson
Marjory O'Dea Six Days Between a Second Heinemann
Reginald Ottley The Bates Family Collins
P. W. Smith Ombley-Gombley Angus and Robertson
Ivan Southall Finn's Folly Angus and Robertson
Colin Thiele Blue Fin Rigby


Year Author Title Publisher
1969[12] George Finkel The Loyall Virginian Angus and Robertson
John Goode Wood, Wire and Fabric Lansdowne
Jack Pollard Cricket the Australian Way Lansdowne
Robert Shaw Wandjina : Children of the Dream Time Jacaranda
Ivan Southall Let the Balloon Go Methuen Hicks Smith
Phil and Noel Wallace Children of the Desert Nelson
Patricia Wrightson I Own the Racecourse Hutchinson
1968[13] H. F. Brinsmead A Sapphire for September Oxford University Press
Nan Chauncy Mathinna's People Oxford University Press
Mavis Thorpe Clark Blue Above the Trees Lansdowne
Ivan Southall The Fox Hole Hicks Smith
Randolph Stow Midnite F. W. Cheshire
1967[35] Max Fatchen The River Kings Hicks Smith
Reginald Ottley The Roan Colt of Yamboorah Deutsch
Celia Syred Cocky's Castle Angus and Robertson
1966[15] Reginald Ottley By the Sandhills of Yamboorah Deutsch
Ivan Southall Indonesian Journey Lansdowne Press
Eleanor Spence The Year of the Currawong Oxford University Press
Colin Thiele February Dragon Rigby
1965[16] Nan Chauncy High and Haunted Island Oxford University Press
Mary Durack The Courteous Savage Nelson
Nuri Mass The Wonderland of Nature Writers' Press
Elyne Mitchell Winged Skis Hutchinson
Carol Odell A Day at the Zoo Angus and Robertson
Betty Roland Jamie's Summer Visitor Bodley Head
1964[17] Nan Chauncy The Roaring 40 Oxford University Press
Joan Phipson Threat to the Barkers Angus and Robertson
Colin Thiele Storm Boy Rigby
1962[19] Ruth Park The Hole in the Hill Ure Smith
Betty Roland The Forbidden Bridge Bodley Head
Colin Thiele Sun on the Stubble Rigby
1961[20] Alan Aldous Doctor With Wings Brockhampton
Elyne Mitchell Silver Brumby's Daughter Hutchinson
Eleanor Spence Lillipilly Hill Oxford University Press
1960[21] Dale Collins Anzac Adventure Angus and Robertson
Eleanor Spence The Summer in Between Oxford University Press
Norman Barnett Tindale and H. A. Lindsay Rangatira Rigby


Year Author Title Publisher
1959[22] Elyne Mitchell The Silver Brumby Hutchinson
Frank Norton Australian and New Zealand Ships of Today Angus and Robertson
Eve Pownall Exploring Australia Methuen
Patricia Wrightson The Bunyip Hole Angus and Robertson


Year Author Title Publisher
1948[32] Veronica Basser Ponny the Penguin Australasian Publishing Co.
Ada Jackson Beetles A'Hoy! Paterson's Press
James H. Martin & W. D. Martin The Australian Book of Trains Angus and Robertson
Musette Morell Bush Cobbers Australasian Publishing Co.
Leslie Rees The Story of Shadow, the Rock Wallaby John Sands

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